Diary 2017 (68) May 1st – A varied day, A varied night

Monday May 1st, holiday in most parts of Europe, was varied. I met Mistress Jenny in the afternoon and she took me to club DeLust. Our slut cecy was online as well and before I could tell Mistress Jenny that I stored her at Psi’s realm, she had already summoned her to the club so that she could entertain the quite large crowd there with pole dancing. Later also slave Flo joined us there as well as our key holding service victim slave serrao.Mistress Jenny and I had to leave about one hour later to tend to our RL and we brought slut back to Psi’s realm so that she could continue her punishment there. We also brought slave serrao there. slave serrao is still free to roam but her restraints are pulled tight. Appropos restraints… Mistress Jenny left me locked at home for our RL break. After the break she teased me trying several differend poses with me at her new Mistress chair.At night I first went ot HBC where slave Flo joined me. I had a nice chat with someone interested in our key holding service (read here) It seems as our little service gets some attention.
At home I changed slavin C for May, she got dressed in the KaS Maid dress and got a pacifier gag. All slaves are now in their next outfit and all in a different one for a change. And the new victim for the key holding service, Adele LeStrange (minxyhorror), showed up and has been locked now. Enjoy Adele. And all night slave Flo pleased me being perfect behaving.But the night wasn’t over yet. After slave Flo and slavin C had left, I took slut cecy home from Psi’s realm and I also saw our Kitty.

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