Diary 2017 (69) May 2nd – at Mistress’ leash

Tuesday, May 2nd, was surprisingly intensive for me. When I came online I ended up in a safe hub as our homesim was not availabe due to LL maintanence. I went to Heavy Bondage club, but still my avatar didn’t rezz completely and some inventory didn’t load. Hence I made a relog, and as everything loaded this time I took my pass key for HBC. With this a bit troublesome login procedure I missed Mistress Jenny’s login and she came to HBC. Just as she was in the mood for it, she put my armbinder an, a neck corset, the pacifier gag and exposed me there next to her. After a while she even added nipple bells. For some reason it felt intense for me, maybe because we both were in the right mindset. Mistress Jenny took me shortly to Domme a Domme and then into our skybox where I had to please her (no pictures of that here *winks*). Before we both had to leave Mistress Jenny tied me up again and left me at a new cage, that stands close to our bed.Later at night, we met Kitty. Dana had tricked our Kitty into becoming a cow. She was simply quicker than Kitty this time. Kitty had planned to become her cow trainer – instead Dana could turn the tables and had a cow HUD locked on Kitty. But Kitty wasn’t transformed yet, she sounded like a cow, she crawled like a cow but her body wasn’t yet affected (no udder instead of breasts yet). To make a longer story short, Mistress Jenny had already removed some of the locks and I helped stopping the cow training. It’s fun to hear about Kitty’s fun and to hear about Dana. I hope we didn’t destroy her fun, just try again, Dana *winks*
We went to The Secret House together with slave Flo and Kitty. Kitty had more to report about her last adventures, and some of that did surprise us. I might reveal some of it another time, but what she told provides already opportunites for play and tease.That night, Mistress Jenny kept my locked and leashed even being at the club with slave Flo and Kitty. And this way she also kept me deep in sub space.
Thank you, Mistress Jenny.

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