Diary 2017 (107) July 4th – slave Maddie released

Tuesday, July 4th, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. We caught up with news RL and SL at club DeLust. I had not that much to report about the night before, when Mistress wasn’t present. Just about slave Maddie, who I picked up at Mesmerize Dungeon and who I left at home tied and gagged, leashed to our “Stonehaven” wall. Speaking of her she appeared online and after a while we went home to have a look after her. I agreed with Mistress Jenny to take her to our loft as a neutral environment to talk with her out of character to find out about her experiences and feelings during the two weeks with us and to make plans how to go on.

Even today slave Maddie was in a rebellious mood but she had learned a litte bit at least and gathered herself. I released her from the wall and took her gag off. Her cooperation and obedience was still not quite satisfying and she was close getting gagged again. Then a stranger came to our sim – Karmen Sloan (kelsietaylor). slave Maddie told us that she’s her cavalary, a friend who came to rescue her. And Karmen told us that she were madly in love with slave Maddie and about to marry her. Karmen was dressed like a domme and pretended being a domme and she argued to have better and stricter ways to discipline our bratty slave Maddie. I insisted to keep slave Maddie and to have my way with her. I sensed that Karmen and slave Maddie made up a story just to convince us to release slave Maddie. Mistress Jenny tended to release slave Maddie, not that she didn’t sense that Karmen and Maddie had just made up a love story, but Mistress demands and deserves dedication and loyality – and slave Maddie was far from it.

I had to gag slave Maddie again, as she forgot about all rules while we were talking about her further future. What we had planned doing at our loft, talking out of character, did happen now in parallel personal IMs. Maddie wanted to leave. She liked the kidnap roleplay and enjoyed it to some extent, but being owned and loyal doesn’t fit to her expectations of Second Life.
Hence I unlocked all gear with the exception of the vixen cuffs, which I set on a short timer. Then we left slave Maddie and Karmen and retreated as it was already about time for Mistress Jenny to leave.

We had some fun with slave Maddie and although I hate releasing a slave, even if not yet collared, I will remember the fun we had.

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