Diary 2017 (140) August 24th – Green

Thursday, August 24th, I fully started my green light in the afternoon. I had bought a surgical mask with neck corset for Jenny a couple of days before, something similar to the hood and veil she used for me, not a new idea but different nonetheless. I hid a the Mo penis gag below it. First I took Jenny to Domme a Domme to enjoy not only having her at my feet but also to expose her, proving that I own my mistress vice versa – and of course I made a couple of pictures.

August 24th: Diomita exposing her very owned Mistress Jenny at Domme a Domme

After that I brought Jenny to Psi’s realm and put her in an elaborate suspension bondage. We had quite some people observing us and I teased my property before I left her there, helplessly tied up and extradited to the views and touches of everyone visiting.

August 24th: Diomita providing some time to hang around at Psi’s realm for her very owned Mistress Jenny

At night, when I picked Jenny up, Mitchen (Mitchen Heston) was teasing my property with a feather. Mitchen hid the feather when I appeared, but I noticed it *winks*. Jenny was aroused and moaning – it seems that she enjoyed her time at Psi’s. I released her and we went home, to see slave Flo, but she had left after cleaning the house. We went to The Secret House, relaxed and met Argi there. After some banter and as slave Flo didn’t reappear the next stop was “our” club DeLust. I made myself comfy and had my property keenling next to me on the kneeling pad. She really looks yummy and desirable like this!

August 24th: Diomita and Mitchen teasing Dio’s property Jenny at Psi’s realm / Diomita and Jenny at The Secret House with Argi

August 24th: Diomita with her very owned Mistress Jenny at club DeLust

After I while I couldn’t hold back anymore and took her home to the annex of our skybox and had my way with her. I left her tied up strictly, gagged and with a fixed vibrator to keep her aroused. Yes, I did exchange the batteries. Of course, I made some pictures of her like this but those will stay private. She’s still my very owned mistress and I don’t like to share some too exposing, compromising pictures of her.

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