Diary 2017 (143) August 27th/28th – Quiet Days

Sunday, August 27th and Monday, August 28th both were quite days and nights with not that much to report. Sunday afternoon I went kinkploring and I have already posted about it here. I met Mistress Jenny at night and we spent a very relaxing night together roaming a bit through our favourite clubs and we ended as often at club DeLust. Just slave slut cecy came inworld and we both teased her a bit as she hadn’t fulfilled her basic assignments cleaning our house. Rare but true, I didn’t make any picture this night.

August 28th: Diomita and Mistress Jenny with Angelique at Heavy Bondage Club / Diomita laying her niece Angelique over her knees and delivers a fine spanking at Sadania

Monday, August 28th, I thought I’d met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. While waiting I went to Heavy Bondage Club to watch the crowd over there and I met Angelique. She was dressed for trouble and the caring aunt I am, I took her keys, cuffed her hands behind her back and gagged her. Of course just for safety reasons *winks*. I don’t recall exactly why but during the times I met and talked with our niece the last days she collected 30 spanks over my knees. So I began teasing her about it and I sensed that she looked forward to it – she will deny that.
Mistress Jenny came inworld and we had a nice chat until she had to leave again. I took Angelique to Sadania, the sim where we shouldn’t shout (read here) and layed her over my knees. She got 10 of the 30 promised spanks with my bare hand, hence 20 are left for the next occasion. I did enjoy her moans and her Rebellion and I know it will help her being an even better niece. Well, as seen on the pictures our niece lost control over her bladder again but luckily I wore latex clothes.

Manday night, I was all alone inworld, no Mistress Jenny, no slave or sub. I spent quite some time at Heave Bondage Club reading profiles. I wasn’t in the mood for another simploring tour although the opportunity doing that at night is rare. I had some chats and somehow enjoyed being lazy. My night ended again at club DeLust and I did make this picture of myself for the blog.

August 28th: Diomita Maurer at club DeLust (selfie)

And that’s it about 2 quiet days and nights

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