Diary 2017 (144) August 29th/30th The escape room at Headlights

Tuesday night, August 29th, was another quiet night for me. Mistress Jenny wasn’t inworld. I went to club DeLust with sissy maid and took the opportunity to tease him and to get a bit closer. He’s still on trial and Mistress Jenny and I decided to extend the trial for another month as we hadn’t had enough time with sissy maid so far.

August 29th: Diomita with Sissy maid at club DeLust

Wednesday, August 30th, Mistress Jenny ended my privilege wearing the small partnering collar and replaced it with my thicker jewelery collar. With that she signalizes that she’s in control and that she’s going to shorten my leash. Mistress did also announce another red light. Well, I have no say in this matter anymore.
At night we went to HeAdLiGhTs to explore their new escape room. The escape room is a quest. You go into a room and have to solve a riddle based upon what you see, hear or combine from your environment. Only by solving the riddle you can open a door that will lead you into the next room. Mistress Jenny and I spent about 2 hours just for the 3 first rooms and we have to confess, that the riddles are quite complex. Just for the first rooms we didn’t need any additional helps by asking for some more hints (to be honest, the first riddle was solved by Mistress Jenny). It was fun and we will have more fun soon, when we continue.

August 30th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Headlights’s escape room

After our fun with the quest, Mistress Jenny took me to Clara’s (mistressspice) home. Clara is a particular friend of ours and in roleplay she’s our daughter. Mistress and I are searching someone for a timeout within SL for quite a while, someone who dominates both of us for a limited time and when Mistress is up for it. Recently we revitalised the friendship with Clara and had one very short roleplay so far. Wednesday night Mistress Jenny had in mind to tease Clara a bit, to provoke her in a nice way. I wrote here about our fun going to someone’s home, someone’s bedroom and having sex there and shouting our thank you (read here). Well, Mistress and I did it at Clara’s bedroom and Mistress took 2 pictures and will send them to Clara with a little teasing note.

August 30th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Clara’s Bedroom

Did I mention, that Mistress Jenny is back into control? Yes, I did … Just for this diary, Mistress once again demonstrated her control that night, she left no room for any doubt about it.

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