Diary 2017 (157) Sept 18th – Relaxing

Monday night, September 18th, was extraordinairy. I had a very busy and tiring day in my RL and came inworld a bit later than usual. I was alone at my SL home. I checked the house and it was quite clean. The slaves did a good job and this pleases me, it shows their dedication. I began to roam through our usual clubs, read profiles, and slowed down. After a while I went back home and layed in the hammock at the beach next to the beach disco, enjoyed the quietness and fully slowed down. I had a long chat with a friend not only related to SL and was about to log off when Mistress Jenny dropped in shortly before going to bed early morning. And that’s it for this very short diary entry.

September 18th: Diomita alone, relaxing in the hammock by the beach

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