Diary 2017 (159) Solo for slave Flo

Thursday night, September 21st, I was alone in Second Life as Mistress Jenny was prevented from getting online. I went to the Heavy Bondage Club just to watch and to read profiles. Then I saw slave Flo coming online and going offline several times. She had some technical issues. When she was back, I took summoned her to Bondage&Storage Project. I wanted to test some of the bdsm equipment which is displayed in the public area and which was new for me. I started with the BSP slave showers. Next station was a tight rope with knots.

September 21st: Diomita with slave Flo at Bondage&Storage Project (1)

Now slave Flo was wet in- and outside and I fixed her spread eagled in a spanking machine for drying. The last new euipment that I tested was again an spanking rack but a sophisticated. slave Flo was tied on it again spread eagled. between her legs was a rotator, where i could attach different paddles. Depending on the rotation slave Flo’s ass or slave Flo’s pussy was spanked by the paddles. And I could not only exchange the paddle size but also the rotation speed, hence quite some variations of play.

September 21st: Diomita with slave Flo at Bondage&Storage Project (2)

Time flew by quickly. When slave Flo went to bed, I made another tour through the clubs and went to bed myself.

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