Diary 2017 (178) October 19th – A day split into 4 parts

Thursday, October 19th, was split into 4 parts. First I met our Kitty in the morning, when I peeked in into SL mainly to answer messages. She was at Psi’s realm and had her fun locking and storing away those who were absent. I was fun to catch up with Kitty and to remind her of her position. The second part was meeting Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. Mistress is again on a short vacation. We just chatted and enjoyed togetherness. Whe caught up about RL and SL while being at Domme a Domme.

October 19th – Part 1: Diomita with Kitty at Psi’s realm / Part 2: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Domme a Domme

The third part of this Thursday was at night. I found slave Flo and slave kelly at home. slave Flo’s red latex bubble suit had dried and I put her into it again, her yellow bubble suit is drying now. slave kelly kept on begging to get her pussy and ass plug removed. She was scared that she her holes might become too wide and she needed to pee badly. This time I gave in to her begging. I took slave Flo and her to the Stonehaven patio and fixed slave kelly spread eagled on a rack, as that provides best access to her plugs, which I removed. slave kelly began to pee instantly and left a big puddle on the floor. I moved the rack with slave kelly to another spot, took slave Flo’s hood off and made myself comfy. slave Flo was ordered to tease and lick slave kelly and I enjoyed the show that ended unsurprisingly with slave kelly begging to get permission to cum. Being in a generous mood, I granted it.

October 19th – Part 3: Diomita enjoying the show of slave Flo teasing slave kelly / Part 4: Diomita forcing slave kelly to clean up the mess she had caused

And part 4 of Thursday? After slave Flo left someone had to clean the floor as there was still the big puddle of pee from before. slave kelly was reluctant and I had to convince her in my way. She licked every drop of her own pee and other fluids and the Stonehaven patio is clean again now. Later I took her to club DeLust and chilled there until it was time to store slave kelly and to go to bed. That’s it about my 4 parts of Thursday.

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