Diary 2017 (181) October 25th – Mrs. and Mrs. Maurer

Wednesday, October 25th, was particular for Jenny and me for many reasons. It was the day after our 9th wedding anniversary and Jenny had granted a short green light for me. I couldn’t take advantage of it the day before, because of technical issues (SL’s performance dropped). When I came inworld in the afternoon I found Jenny at our dance floor. She was decorating it for Halloween. We went to the house and had a look at slave kelly who was locked in her cage. We allowed her to move her bones a bit and took her out of it just to get our feet kissed – then we stored her again. I went to Domme a Domme with Jenny and enjoyed having her at my feet, exposing her to the public. Although I do that often during green lights, I can’t get enough of it. To my surprise that afternoon I got some remarks from the other visitors and even a short conversation araised in public about me and Jenny and the fact that I had my mistress kneeling at my side.

Ocotber 25th: Diomita with her property Jenny

After this short visit we went shopping for a new bed. Jenny proposed to spoil ourselves on the occasion of our wedding anniversary and had selected a bed with lesbian animations at Dutchie. We tried it out at the shop and got it.
I had a similar idea. After shopping I took Jenny to the annex of our skybox and showed her my surprise, a small plain seat. It is called Queen’s seat for a reason. I had found it on my last shopping tour and now I made use of it with Jenny (no picture *winks*).
It was a really short but enjoyable green light and I ended it with asking Jenny for allowance to keep my partnering collar on for the next days. She granted it, most probably she had that in mind herself.

October 25th: Mrs. Diomita Maurer & Mrs. Jenny Maurer at club DeLust

Our night was quite surprising as we were alone most of the time. We moved some furniture in our skybox and in the annex to it on the occasion of installing the new bed and we also exchanged the bed in the sub’s hut Shangri-La. Jenny could finish setting up our beach disco for our Halloween party on Friday. As we were done with everything, we went to club DeLust and took slave kelly with us. She danced for the guests and Jenny and I enjoyed cuddling and watching.

October 25th: slave kelly dancing at club DeLust

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