Diary 2017 (193) Nov 14th – slave Flo’s new hood

Tuesday, November 14th, Mistress Jenny and I had some unexpected fun at night. When Mistress Jenny came online, she found the house cleaned and slave Flo was sitting on the bed at the sub’s hut Shangri-La reading the instructions of a new toy, a hood that she had bought herself. She saw it just a few days before at club DeLust and must have searched at the appropriate stores (this one is from NGW). Naughty slave!

November 14th – Mistress Jenny and Diomita fitting the new hood, that slave Flo got herself, naughty slave girl!

Of course we had to put it on and lock in on her. It has some nice add-ons like a breathing bag. We went over to slave kelly’s pit and took a picture of us with slave Flo. Too bad that slave kelly couldn’t see it from her pit down there. Later we went to Mesmerize dungeon with slave Flo exposing her there and teasing her. I turned on the secret vibrators in her chastity belt and had fun wathing her coming close to an orgasm that was prevented by an electric shock. Poor slave.

November 14th: Diomita donating something to drink for slave kelly

After Mistress Jenny and slave Flo both went to bed, I stayed online and wrote a bit on this blog .. and drank a glass of wine. As slave kelly is still in the pit, she needs something to drink of course, and I cared for that later before I went to bed myself.

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