Diary 2017 (194) November 15th/16th – in family

Mistress Jenny and I spent the night of Wednesday, November 1th, at club DeLust with slave Flo and our slave pet puppy C. slave Flo is getting restricted more and more, wearing her chastity belt and her new hood. She’s focused on herself, on breathing and receiving the signals of her body, on serving and obeying her owners. We changed slave pet puppy C’s restrictions and allowed hearing again for her for some time. She wore the SubListen pet HUD before that restricts hearing to some signal words for her. Now that she can hear again, we restricting talking strictly, everything has it’s price.
After the slave and Mistress Jenny went to bed, I fed slave kelly in her pit and gave her a bit to drink, then it was bedtime for me too.
And a picture? I didn’t take one single picture of that night, I simply forgot taking one – but I got one of this night the next day, a very particular pov..

November 15th – a particular pov: Diomita providing something to drink to slave kelly

Thursday, November 16th, Mistress Jenny and I met in the afternoon and we went shopping. I got a new really great latex outfit. Fitting it and getting our purchases sorted took some time and our afternoon was quickly over.
I had a relaxing night, first teasing slave kelly in her pit, then I went simexploring a bit with slave Flo. We visited Mesmerize Dungeon in the end and I played with her chastity belt. I had fun (and she?). After slave Flo went to bed, I teased slave kelly in her pit again.

November 16th: Diomita and slave Flo looking after slave kelly / Diomita with slave Flo at Mesmerize Dungeon (upper right) / Diomita’s new Latex Dress (lower right)

And that’s it for this diary entry

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