Diary 2017 (197) November 21st – Applications

When we visit clubs like Heavy Bondage Club, Domme a Domme or The Secret House, we often expose our slaves, we read profiles, we chat in private and we look for eye candy or we try to start a conversation in main chat just to liven up the mostly silent crowd. It’s not rare that stray subs or slaves come to us and spend some time at our feet or that we get applications to join us. Only a few of these applications are serious, most strays haven’t even read our profile. Hence we just enjoy teasing them a bit in public or private chat and ask them to visit us on a Friday night for our party if they are really interested and really one a very few do attend a Friday night party later. Alternatively we’re still offering our key holding service (read here). But we can’t care for all anyway.

November 21st: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and slave kelly at Heavy Bondage Club with a random stray sub

I choose the title “Applications” for the diary entry of Tuesday, November 21st, as we had two different applications. In the afternoon Mistress Jenny and I took slave kelly out to Heavy Bondage Club. slave kelly was tightly gagged and more or less just a decoration for us. We started to tease her in public and it didn’t take long and we had another stray sub kneeling by us. She might be one of those who we don’t see again, she might show up again. Therefore I won’t reveal her name.

November 21st: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slave Flo and slave kelly at Mesmerize Dungeon

At night we took slave Flo out to Mesmerize Dungeon and later slave kelly joined us there. This time slave Flo attracted some attention as she was moaning constantly. I admit, I played a bit with the built-in toys of her chastity belt. Time flew by again and we moved on to club DeLust where Mistress Jenny and I relaxed and cuddled and had fun with slave Flo and slave kelly at our side.

November 21st: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slave Flo and slave kelly at club DeLust

At our last Friday night party we had a guest who applied to become our slave, Bella (bellarose1998). Bella didn’t dance but stood aside most of the time and she spent some time at the pit, where slave kelly was stored that night. She was picturing herself fully controlled, tied and locked and was not at all shying away even from isolation but had no experience. I know that many slaves have this fantasy but once it comes true they can’t stand it and cheat out (instead of begging for release). Bella continued contacting me, sounded serious and I agreed to provide the experience she’s longing for for a couple of days or more.

November 21st: Diomita with slave kelly and slave Bella (bellarose1998) at home

After slave Flo and Mistress Jenny went to bed I went home with slave kelly and summoned Bella over. She had obtained the Real Restraint serious shackles set and the ballgag as I demanded it. slave kelly tried to warn her having her own fate in mind, she told her to run before it is too late – in vain. Bella is locked up now.

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