Dairy 2017 (213) December 15th/16th In control

We had our Friday night party again Friday, December 15th, after it had to be called off the Friday before. It was very relaxing as always and we had fun. I took one picture showing a bird’s eye view of our winterly homesim during the party.

December 15th: Our winterly homesim “Mount Everest”

Saturday, December 16th, I started the green light, that Mistress Jenny had granted to me a few days before. Jenny and I had a night with the slaves. We picked up slave slut cecy from Psi’s realm. Now all slaves are back home for Christmas. Then we took slave Flo, slave Adarra and slave slut out to get a Christmas hat. The idea is that they all have the same hat for this season.

December 16th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo, slave Adarra and slave slut cecy

Did I say that I got a green light? Yes! I send the slaves to bed to get at least half an hour to take advantage of my property. I took her to Lost Domme Resort, a place where dommes should be naked and slaves should wear clothes. Unfortunately we were alone there most of the time, just in the end we had another guest who watch me taking advantage.

December 16th: Diomita taking advantage of her very owned Mistress Jenny at Lost Domme Resort

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