Diary 2018 (14) Jan 24th – An accident

We had a varied day in SL on Wednesday, January 24th. Mistress Jenny and I spent a relaxed afternoon a Heavy Bondage club together with slave kelly, who decorated us.
Our night turned out to be different, you can’t make plans in SL. When I came inworld, Mistress Jenny was in front of our house with slave drone Flo and our niece Angelique. Later slave kelly joined us there.
Angelique reported that the Birchwood Acadamy, that she attended, closed and that she applied at another institution called Red Moon Institute. This institute does all kind of tests and experiments which should help her with her ‘problem’ – well, we’ll see about that *winks*

January 24th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita wiht slave kelly at Heavy Bondage Club / Angelique, Diomita, Mistress Jenny and slave drone Flo at home

Angelique was quite entertaining and we chit chatted quite some time standing in front of our house before we went in and continued there. slave kelly had an accident and peed on the floor. Of course she had to lick up her mess!
After Angelique and slave drone Flo went to bed we moved to club DeLust where slave kelly had to dance for Mistress Jenny and me. As Mistress Jenny had an early start the next day, we left slave kelly at the club while I tucked Jenny in at our skybox.
I returned to club DeLust and provided a spanking to slave kelly in front of the other guests for her accident before and her reluctance to lick up her mess. Then I took her home and locked her away in a padded cell, actually the same cell that slave Bella has been stored in the night before.

January 24th: Mistress Jenny and slave drone Flo, Diomita and slave kelly, Angelique at home (upper left and right) / Diomita and slave kelly at club DeLust (lower left and right)

And here’s slave kelly’s view on this night:
lying alone on the rubber floor of the iso cell….arms and legs kept wide open by the bars…chained, leashed, and immobile….the events of the day keep replaying…ordered to sweep the house…used as a bench…peeing in front of everyone, then being forced to lick it up…yechhh…..forced to dance naked in public….roughly spanked in public….then finally bound and locked away…..the woman who took her is certainly wicked…..’DIOMITA!’ she screams at the top of her lungs, with no one around to hear except the padded walls….she struggles in the bondage, squirming on the floor, straining in the posture collar to look up at the door…dripping with lust and anxiously awaiting the wicked woman to come for her again

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