Diary 2018 (47) March 20th – Jenny’s new appearance

Tuesday, March 20th, I enjoyed my property, my very owned Mistress, in the afternoon. This time I took her to Heavy Bondage club to expose her. You might notice in the pictures, that my property wears her new mesh head. Besides catching up with each others news we also talked about her new appearance. Jenny had already added some freckles, which really belong to her herself. After we caught up, I took her home to the annex and got spoiled by her *winks*

March 20th: Diomita with her very owned Mistress at Heavy Bondage Club trying out different poses of Jenny’s new straight jacket

Our night was very relaxed. We saw our niece Angelique just shortly, because she had to leave for bed early. Jenny had further worked on her mesh head and she’s happy as it is now – I am too :-). We played a round of Skipee with the slave drones Flo I and II, chatted and had a relaxed time. When we finished just one round (Jenny won this time), it was already bedtime for slave Flo. I took Jenny to our studio and made a new portrait picture of her. She’s really a beauty – the magic of Second Life.

March 20th – Jenny’s new appearance: Mrs. and Mrs. Maurer / Jenny Maurer

We had a short time at Domme a Domme as I can’t get enough of seeing my property at my feet … and that’s it for this diary entry.

March 20th: Diomita with her very owned Mistress at Domme a Domme and cuddling at home

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