Diary 2018 (93) May 30th – In full control

Wednesday, May 30th, slave kelly came inworld, while I was waiting for Jenny to get online. She was locked on our very old 4 post fucking device not far away from the beach disco. I had left slave kelly in the cage by the beach disco. So what did happen?
slave kelly had tried out the 4 post fucking device when she was allowed to roam over the island and the device did grab her when she logged back in being in the cage. Her leash was still connected to the leash holder in the cage.
I leashed her to another leash holder by the 4 post device and took advantage of of our pain slave. I fucked her hard, I spanked her, I enjoyed her screams and I left her tied up between the 4 posts just like I found her. What a nice and satisfying start into the day in Second Life.

May 30th at home: Diomita taking advantage of slave kelly

When Jenny came inworld, I took her to The Knot Society. It seems that I can’t get enough lately. As Jenny will leave for vacation, I had to make the most of my time with her, of my time in full control of her. She first had to please me and she did well – good girl. Then I took her on a bondage bed and she submitted to my strapon and to me. It’s great being in full control!

May 30th: Diomita enjoying full control of her property Jenny

Our night was comparably quiet. I ran late myself due to RL and Jenny had to leave not to late. Hence we just played a round of greedy with Angelique and slave Flo.

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