Diary 2018 (106) June 18th/19th – slave kelly collared

Jenny and I had a very relaxed and quiet Monday night, June 18th. Angelique and slave Flo were at Ladies Paradise and we chatted with them but didn’t see them. We look forward to hear more about their experience.
slave kelly was inworld, we had left her at Psi’s realm. We took her home and talked about her collaring. slave kelly wasn’t collared like our other subs and slaves, she was forced into submission. She changed being with us and her desire to submit and please us grew constantly. Jenny proposed that we’ll collar her providing an amythest collar as a sign of her submission. We made it very clear though, that slave kelly’s life might not change at all – for her own good and as it pleases us.

June 18th: Jenny and Diomita at home with slave kelly / at Heavy Bondage Club

Jenny and I went to Heavy Bondage Club after slave kelly left and we stayed there for about an hour, chatting and reading profiles and just relaxing. Jenny’s having fun lately to count Goddesses, Countesses and Princesses. This night was very sucessful as we saw 4 Goddesses within 1 hour.

Tuesday night, June 19th, began similar. While I waited for Jenny I chatted with slave Flo and she told me about her time at Ladies Paradise. She also sent a few pictures, it seems she’s having a good time.

June 19th: slave Flo at Ladies Paradise: Housekeeper Laursianne with maids, in the left Picture slave Flo is on the right

After Jenny came inworld and after we caught up with our mutual news we went to our house and met with gwenney, who waited there for us for quite a while already. She’s a shy girl. She had updated her RR Elegance cuff set and was wearing it. Jenny wanted to visit club DeLust hence gwenney needed to wear appropriate fetish clothes. I gave gwenney several ideas and links and when she had changed we went to club DeLust. Of course gwenney had to dance for us and the other guests.

June 19th: Diomita and Jenny at club DeLust with gwenney and slave kelly

slave kelly joined us there. Jenny and I bought a full body black latex catsuit with zippers for kelly and she was allowed wearing it at the club. After the many months of being kept naked, that already was a big change for her and slave kelly was very excited about it. But it was not the only present she got.
gwenney had left to RL in the meanwhile and Jenny and I went shopping with slave kelly and bought an amethyst collar for her. When we got home slave kelly once again confirmed her (free!) will to become (or more precisely to stay) our property and slave. We removed the open collar and fitted her new collar – and locked it. I think it does feel different for her. Her initial collaring was against her will, she fought a futile battle and we left no choice for her. This time she submitted herself. Not that we plan any real change of her life in enslavement, nonetheless it got another (and better) base.

June 19th: slave kelly’s collaring

And that’s it for this diary entry.

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