Diary 2018 (199) November 8th – 10th Diomita and Angelique

I was off Thursday, November 8th. Hence there’s nothing to report for the diary.
I returned Firday night for our regular party. The theme was “superhero’s and villians”. slave kelly was inworld and at home. Mistress Jenny had taken her home while I was off. I caught up with slave kelly and allowed her to dance. Angelique and Mistress Jenny joined the party later and we enjoyed the music, danced and caught up properly … and that’s it about Thursday and Friday.

November 9th: Impression of a Friday night party

Saturday, November 10th, I went on a simploring tour and explored Achill Island (read here) in late afternoon.
When I returned online at night, Angelique was at home and we met at the greedy table where she was playing on her own. Angelique was wearing a nice white mix and match outfit with leg and arm harnesses. She asked for permission to get fitting heels and I granted it.
Angelique and I used the rare opportunity and chatted a lot, about outfits, mesh heads and about us. That was very nice and we both enjoyed it. Then Angelique showed me another variation of her new outfit and added the hawk hood with a ponytail to it. That looked really kinky!

November 10th: Diomita and Angelique spending a night together

I couldn’t hold back anymore and took Angelique to our office and forced her to lick me. I admit, that I needed it as during our conversation an erotic tension built up – and that needed to be dissolved *winks*. Afterwards we played 2 rounds of greedy and then went to club DeLust where we chilled down and chatted once again.
Angelique just has celebrated her 11th rezz day anniversary and I missed that! Happy belated rezz day, my niece!

November 10th: Diomita and Angelique in the office at home and at club DeLust

Angelique and I made the most of a night just between us.

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