Diary 2018 (201) November 12th/13th slave Kelly’s hair

Monday afternoon, November 12th, Mistress and I had just a short time inworld and unfortunately there were technical issues. Our avatars didn’t rezz properly and we couldn’t see each other properly. Nonetheless we caught up and had some time together – but of course no pictures.

At night Mistress was off due to her RL. I met Angelique at home and we had a few games of greedy. Angelique had to leave early though. I went to Psi’s realm. I wanted to have some fun. slave Brie (Brie4675) was at Psi’s realm and she had her keys out. Well, not for long. I took them all and locked her up. I was just done with that, when slave kelly came inworld. I first had in mind to pick her up at home and bring her also to Psi but then decided to take slave Brie with me to our home.

November 12th: Diomita at home with slave kelly and slave Brie (Brie4675) / Diomita and slave kelly

After the two slaves met eachother, I gave slave brie a short tour over our island, then I made myself comfortable at our Fetisch Club and wanted to talk with the two slaves but soon after I sat down, slave Brie had to leave to tend to her RL. That might have been slave kelly’s lucky night as I decided to take her shopping. She had often asked and begged to have hair again. We went to 2 hair stores and slave kelly got some short hair. It’s our belated present for her 1st collaring anniversary. What a change seeing her with hair!

November 12th: Diomita at home with slave kelly / slave kelly’s new hair

And being in a generous mood, I allowed her to roam freely afterwards. She surely has to make the most of it as we won’t allow it for long.

Mistress Jenny and I spent Tuesday afternoon, November 13th, on our own at home. We used the time to catch up properly as Mistress wasn’t inworld the night before. Then Mistress did what I was aware of for a few days already – she unlocked my sub collar and fitted the Ehesklavin collar around my neck. I also had to put on my wrists and ankle cuffs and Mistress locked them. It’s always hard for me to fully loose control again and the Ehesklavin collar is a strong symbol and it changes my mindset. On a lighter note, I did enjoy my time wearing the partnering collar and the sub collar. Change and variation keeps our relation and SL exciting. We played 2 rounds of Yahtzee, then we had to tend to our RL again.

Mistress Jenny fits the Ehesklavin collar around Diomita’s neck

Tuesday night Mistress Jenny, Angelique and I took slave Flo and slave kelly to Trouble Tavern. We spent more than an hour there chatting amoung ourself and watching and listening to the other guests. It was quite relaxing. We allowed slave kelly to roam freely another night. She’s enjoying to present herself with hair again.

Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique at home and at Trouble Tavern / Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita (lower right)

Mistress and I retreated to our skybox where Mistress had her way with me claiming her Ehesklavin.


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