Diary 2019 (90) June 22nd/23rd A quiet weekend

Mistress Jenny and I had an enjoyable Saturday night, June 22nd. We took our victim slave sadi on a tour through the clubs, Domme a Domme, Lochme, Puerto Esclava and Psi’s realm. At club Domme a Domme, Mistress ordered slave sadi to face the room and as she didn’t follow her order Mistress Jenny ordered me to lock her down in a hogtie and to stop communicating with the slave.

Mistress Jenny and I enjoyed being together, we perved profiles and caught up with our mutual news about RL and SL. I told Mistress that I updated our family&friends page of the blog and removed slave Gwen (gwenney). It were exactly 5 months that we have heard the last time of slave Gwen and Mistress had demanded already that I remove her.

June 22nd – a tour thorugh the clubs: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme, Lochme, Puerto Esclava and Psi’s realm with slave sadi and at club DeLust

I got some information regarding our victim slave sadi and asked Mistress Jenny to keep her in tight bondage for a while. But Mistress decided that I should leave her locked with her keys available at Psi’s realm, thus passing her on to another owner who might pick up the slave. We left slave sadi at Psi’s realm and visited club Delust where we ended our club tour this night. Back at home Mistress and I enjoyed each other.

June 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a domme, at Dangerous, a Place for women and at club DeLust

Sunday afternoon, June 23rd, Mistress and I spent some time at club Domme a Domme and at club DeLust. Inbetween Mistress took me to Dangerous, a Place for Women. We had sex in a more or less public place, something we havent had for a while. But once I am excited I blind out the surrounding anyway. Sunday night, Mistress Jenny was prevented from coming inworld and I had some quiet and relaxed time all for myself.

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