Diary 2019 (93) June 26th/27th A red light ends very quickly

Wednesday, June 26th, I met with Mistress in the afternoon and we visited Heavy Bondage Club and club Domme a Domme. We talked and watched and caught up with our news but there’s nothing really to report for the Diary. I feel the Ehesklavin collar though as it has a strong effect on me.

June 26th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club, as club Domme a Domme, at our vacation place and at home

I came on later at night due to my RL and Mistress summoned me to her. The week before we had started an adventure together, something Mistress and I call a vacation within Second Life. Mistress was together with another domme and I won’t go into details. I was locked in a hogtie and was teased by looking into Mistress’ crotch … then our play was interrupted by RL. We went back home and Mistress allowed me to lick her and to get my fix. And that’s it about Wednesday.

Thursday, June 27th, started similar as Mistress Jenny and I went to club Domme a Domme again. slave Zephaney was present and offererd herself as a seat. Mistress sat down and we had a bit of fun teasing slave Zephaney.

June 27th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme with slave Zephaney

Thursday night Mistress and I met with Angelique at home and while we chatted slave Emmi and slave Christin (Christinvega) joined us. We decided to play greedy first. Emmi didn’t want to join and asked to persue other activities – later Emmi sent me a portrait picture of herself.

After the game we went to Mesmerize Dungeon for about half an hour where slave Jenny (jennieannejo) joined us. I think, we might get funny misunderstandings with two Jenny’s. And that’s it about Thursday already, well at least amolst. Mistress and I retreated to our skybox and to my surprise she exchanged my Ehesklavin collar with the sub collar again. I didn’t expect that at all. Mistress said she just wanted me to feel the Ehesklavin collar and that she was content about it’s effect. Then I was once again allowed to lick her and to get my fix.

June 27th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home / at Mesmerize Dungeon with Angelique, slave Christin (Christinvega) and slave Jenny (jennieannejo) / portrait picture of slave Emmi (rileylynch)

Thank you, Mistress Jenny

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