Diary 2019 (103) July 13th – The red Saturday

When I got inworld Saturday afternoon, July 13th, Mistress Jenny wasn’t inowrld yet. I went to club Domme a Domme for watching people and reading profiles. I saw a nice latex outfit, could find out who made it and bought it on the marketplace. I went back home and had just changed into it , when Mistress Jenny came inworld. We caught up quickly, then Mistress requested that I should wear a chastity belt. I don’t like that for many reasons and not just because it prevents touching me. There are only very few outfits that hide a chastity belt and I was sure that it would peek through the new outfit that I wore, at least when I walk. I asked Mistress if I could not wear wrist cuffs instead of the belt…..
Mistress allowed me to take off the belt but to wear the clumpsy ankle shackles instead. She’s wicked!

July 13th – getting into the next red light: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at The Nothing / at club Domme a Domme and at home on the roof of our skybox

Mistress took me to “The Nothing” and told me that she would replace the ankle shackles with elegance shackles if I lick her properly. We were not alone there .. but the two others who were present at “The Nothing” were either out of chat range or ignoring us. I licked Mistress Jenny and got my fix this way. I’m really fully addicted to her. Mistress was satisfied and replaced the ankle shackles with the elegance ankle cuffs. This time she left the keys out and prevented me from taking the keys. We went to club Domme a Domme. I knew that Mistress wouldn’t be around a night and I really didn’t like the thought of being vulnerable for everyone randomly clicking the cuffs when Mistress isn’t around. Once again I asked her if she could reconsider her decision and take the keys. Mistress did fulfill my request but now for the price of wearing wrist cuffs in addition. The price raised …. for being allowed to take off the cuffs at night during Mistress’ planned absence, I had to ask her to exchange my sub collar with the Ehesklavin collar, and of course Mistress granted this “wish”. Wearing a quite dominant looking black latex outfit, I was taken into a red light and had to thank Mistress in public by kissing her feet .. and I had to promise that I put the cuffs back on when I log off at night.

We went back to the roof of our skybox. Mistress found out that she had the black latex outfit that I was wearing already in her closet since March and she changed into it. We danced on the roof, then Mistress and I logged off.

July 13th: Diomita with slave Flo at Psi’s realm / at home after changing into a plastic outfit

At night I went to Psi#s realm with slave Flo. Pet (diaperedpet jewell) was present again with her sisters and she had fun (and entertained slave Flo and me). Shortly before I had in mind to leave, another sub entered Psi’s realm and her outfit really attracted me. I asked her to get closer and had a detailed look at it. I didn’t find all of her outfit on the market place, but she was kind and gave me the link to an inworld shop for parts of her outfit.
We left and slave Flo and I had a quick greedy before she left for bed. I went shopping and found everything for the outfit – and I really have to show this shop to Angelique. Back home I changed into the new outfit and it relly looks great and tempting (I think).
I put the cuffs back on as requested by Mistress Jenny and went to bed. What a Saturday!

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