Diary 2019 (120) August 13th – Back in control, day 2

I had a varied day back in control on Tuesday, August 13th. It was the second day of my green light and I’m was determined to make the most of it. When Jenny came inworld I tied her up again, gagged her and took her to several of our usual clubs. I want her being exposed a my feet, helplessly bound, so that everybody can see who is in charge and that I do own my mistress. And in addition she really does look great being tied up.

August 13: Mistress Diomita and Jenny at Heavy Bondage Club and at club Domme a Domme

We spent about half an hour at the clubs, we chatted and we also read profiles. Jenny found a new place in someone’s profile, at least a place we hadn’t heard of before, “Caged Elegance”. I decided to have a look and went there with Jenny. We got a first impression of Caged Elegance and it looked promising. But I had other plans for that afternoon and hence we will return for a closer look another day.
I returned home with Jenny, made her strip and tried out a new bed that I had bought a couple of days before. It is full of lesbian animation and has also some bondage animations. WHen I had Jenny in the right pose, I licked her to get my daily dose of her juices. I know that I am spoiling my property but I can’t help it. At least being in control means that I can simple take it.

August 13: Mistress Diomita and Jenny simploring Caged Elegance (upper left), Diomita taking her daily dose (lower left) and cuddling on the new bed

At night I was already inworld when Jenny came online. I summoned her to Mesmerize Dungeon and enjoyed having her at my feet for a few minutes. Then we returned home to meet Angelique and slave Flo. Later slave Christin joined us. She was on vacation for 3 weeks. We played 2 rounds of greedy and then went to Psi’s realm where we spent the rest of the night. Jenny had fun teasing a guy there and I grabbed a random bondage toy.

August 13: Diomita and Jenny at Mesmerize Dungeon and at Psi’s realm with Angelique, slave Flo and slave Christin and with a random bondage toy

And that’s it almost about my second day back in control. After Angelique and slave Flo had left for bed I took Jenny and slave Christin to club Delust shortly before I retreated with Jenny to the annex of our skybox. I just tried out some of the cuddle poses of the new bed before we off sleeping ourselves. I had been a relaxed day.

August 13: Diomita and Jenny with slave Christin at clubd DeLust and cuddling at home

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