Diary 2019 (128) August 26th/27th slave Flo’s new outfit and slave Gwendi’s trial continues

Mistress Jenny and I had a very enjoyable and relaxing hour Monday afternoon, August 26th. I took slave Gwendi out of her trial cell and we went to Mesmerize Dungeon with her. slave Flo joined us there. We caught up and we got some eye candy. Mistress told me that she had met with Kitty in the morning at the red room, a place we hadn’t visited for quite a while. There Mistress and Kitty watched the demonstration of a new hood, that fits a full latex drone suit when you click it. I bet we will seee this toy soon more often. Finally they saw Kathryn at Psi’s, hogtied again (why am I not surprised?).
Our hour went by quickly again and we returned home and put slave Gwendi back into her cell.

August 26th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Flo and slave Gwendi

At night Mistress Jenny was absent due to her RL. I was inworld early and met slave Kathryn at Psi’s realm. I got the short version of her last night and this morning (she’s living in the SL timezone): “Out, back in, hung above it, freed and then stuck above it again. Oh, and then stuck to the wall. It’s been a busy day.”

I noticed slave Kathryn’s partner Ashleigh Ishelwood standing close to me and said hello. Unfortunately she was absent. But for the first time I noticed that slave Kathryn has the link to her homeplace in her picks and I asked her about it. She invited me over to see it. I leashed Ashleigh to the wall of shame and had a short tour to Kathryns and Ashleigh’s home, a nice big house, full of toys.

August 26th: Diomita with slave Kathryn and Ashleigh Ishelwood at Psi’s realm / Diomita visiting Kathryn & Ashleigh’s home

We returned as Kathryn had to tend to her RL and I had to log off for a bit to.

When I returned inworld slave Christin and slave Gwendi were present. I took, slave Gwendie ot of her trial cell again and took both slaves to Mesmerize Dungeon. I gagged them and had a separate chat with both talking about how Mistress and I have planned their future. then slave gwendi had another accident. I hope she won’t get used to it, how embarrassing!

August 26th: Diomita with slave Gwendi and slave Chrstin at Mesmerize Dungeon / Diomita selecting a new outfit for slave Flo

When slave Flo came inworld I returned home with the slaves. slave Flo got a new outfit, a bit tighter, a bit more restrictive and it will become a bit breathtaking with time (due to the corset pulled tighter).
Then we had a short fun time at Lochme. The slut platform was full and offered not only eye candy but also some main chat developed about the exposed slaves. And for Gwendi and Christin it was an educative object-lesson about what could (and most probably will) happen to them in their future.

August 26th: Diomita with slave Gwendi and slave Chrstin at Lochme / slave Gwendi getting her belated rezzday spanks.

We noticed the day before, that slave Gwendi had her 9th rezzday on August 19th. As that was still not long ago, slave Gwendi got her nine rezzday spanks .. and both slaves learned about another family tradition.

Tuesday, August 27th, started with a nice surprise. I went inworld in the morning shortly and Mistress just came inworld too. We caught up with our mutual news and she allowed me pleasing her with a nice good morning licking before we both logged off again.

I met Mistress, slave Flo and slave Gwendi in the afternoon again. I helped slave Flo with adjusting last settings of her new outfit and then we went to Heavy Bondage Club for close to an hour. A friend of slave Gwendi, Sindara Rose (Sindara Menges), came by and we had a bit of chatting, teasing and eye candy.

At night Mistress Jenny was not inworld. I spent the night at home with slave Flo, slave Christin and slave Gwendi. First I introduced slave Gwendi too our particular office furniture and fucked her with my strapon. She must have been really needing it badly as she had an orgasm quite quickly. To spoil myself I allowed slave Flo to lick me afterwards. Then we moved to the living room.

August 27th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo and slave Gwendi at Heavy Bondage Club / Diomita at home with slave Flo, slave Christin, slave Gwendi and Sindara Rose (Sindara Menges)

We had a visitor, the friend of slave Gwendi who we met in the afternoon already. I changed my plans and we spent the next hour just chatting and Sindara teased slave Gwendi with sharing stories from Gwendi’s SL so far. And that’s it for this diary entry

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