Diary 2019 (144) September 17th/18th – Within the family

Tuesday afternoon, September 17th, I visited La Maison d’Aneli in the afternoon (read here). When I returned found our slave Gwendi at the Stonehaven patio and just teased her a little bit. We talked about her new life and about my generousity as she wasn’t gagged that day now and could get visits from old friends at home. It was my intention to make her realize that nothing is for granted and that she has to value the freedoms she gets. They might be taken away with no fore warning, just because Mistress or I can take them away. I think she understood.

We had a relaxed night. Well, at least Mistress, Angelique and I had a relaxed night. slave Flo had cleaned the house and Mistress and I met her, slave Gwendi, slave Christin and Angelique at our living room. I unlocked the slave’s hoods and removed them as I wanted to see their faces again. slave Gwendi’s and slave Christin’s head were still lovely smooth. I thought about adding some baby oil to make them look even more shiny.
We went to Mesmerize Dungeon for a while to expose our slaves. There I ordered first slave Gwendi and later slave Christin to make a round around the court and to greet everybody properly. They had to walk carefully and slowly as I had added a chain between their ankle cuffs. Both slave did like ordered but both also wished they would wear their hoods again. Everything comes at a prize *winks*

September 17th: Diomita and slave Gwendi at home / Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelique, slave Flo, slave Christin and slave Gwendi at home and at Mesmerize Dungeon

We returned home and played on round of greedy, then it was time for Mistress and me to retreat. After my green light I was still wearing my partnering collar and was enjoying freedom that came with this collar. It’s not that I forgot about my position but I could feel how I was recovering. Variation is important.

Wednesday, September 18th, was similar for me. I went on a simploring tour in the afternoon and met with slave Gwendi later in the afternoon. Again I had fun teasing her.
At night I ran late due to a RL event that I attended. I found Mistress Jenny, Angelique, slave Flo and slave Gwendi playing greedy and joined them. And as we had just finished slave Christin joined us. We decided to have another round of greedy, then it was already slave Flo’s bedtime. Angelique left as well and Mistress Jenny and I took slave Christin and slave Gwendi to Mesmerize Dungeon for a few minutes. This time I didn’t make the slaves running around the court and saved them from this humiliation, but I teased them again about their bald heads.

September 18th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Christin and slave Gwendi at Mesmerize Dungeon

We returned home and Mistress, who was not going to be around the next two nights, left some orders and instructions for what I am to do with the slaves the next two nights. slave Christin and slave Gwendi had something to think about *winks*.

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