Diary 2019 (181) November 16th/17th – Getting deeper into the red light

Saturday, November 16th, I met with Mistress in the afternoon. She took me to Heavy Bondage Club where we caught up and soon later Luci joined us there. Mistress summoned slave Gwendi to us and also Ann came by, this time in a more Victorian outfit. Mistress Jenny had coloured my Ehesklavin collar in pink and clearly warned me to even think about changing it’s colour. She had put my vixen collar around my neck in addition – and had coloured it in pink as well. It is her subtle way to fully control me and to exercise her power as she knows how much I dislike pink on myself. Our hour in the afternoon was over again quickly.

November 16th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin at Heavy Bondage Club with slave Gwendi, Luci and Ann

When I came inworld at night, Mistress Jenny was already online. She summoned me to club Domme a Domme and made me greet her in public. We didn’t stay long but before we left I had to kiss Mistress’ feet in public. She’s pushing me deep into subspace.
We went home and played a round of greedy with slave Gwendi first. Ann came by for a visit wearing her black and white outfit full of restraints again. This time I didn’t hold back anymore. With Mistress permission and consent I locked Ann’s collar and ordered her to kneel between us at the greedy table. And while we played with slave Gwendi I began to lock all of Ann’s restraints, hood, headphones, cuffs, armbinder, corset and boots. I gagged her and renamed her as “Diomita’s Latex Toy”. When I was done we had also finished playing.

November 16th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at club Domme a Domme / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm with slave cyberslut cecy, slave Gwendi and Diomita’s Latex Toy Ann

We went to Psi’s realm and visited slave cyberslut cecy. Mistress and I continued teasing our slaves cecy and Gwendi as well as Ann, who was a helpless restricted toy now. She had to realize that she was at Mistress Jenny mercy – and she did realize it. It was Ann’s lucky day because Mistress told me to let Ann go that night. When we returned home I unlocked all her restraints knowing she would return soon eager to be locked again.

Mistress Jenny and I retreated to our skybox and before we went to bed she had her way with her property, her Ehesklavin. I’m under a red light.

Sunday, November 17th, I went on a simploring tour in the afternoon and soon after my return Mistress Jenny came inworld. She ordered me to change into something I like, then she took me to Heavy Bondage Club. We stayed there for a bit chatting and watching and we saw Ann there too. She seemed to be involved into something, hence we didn’t interfere. Mistress was obviously not really happy with what I selected and took me to XO (Xtra Ordinairy) to get a dress with “Oops” functionality for me. The “Oops”-feature allows someone else to strip you (you get asked for consent) and Mistress likes it and has some of these outfits while I myself owned just two. Now I own 3 of these outfits. I had to change into my new dress at the shop, then Mistress took me back to Heavy Bondage Club and she tried out my new dress there in public.

November 17th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club

Mistress Jenny outlined her plans for the night, then we returned home and had 2 games of Yhatzee before I had to tend to my RL again.

Our night did of course not developed as planned before. When Mistress Jenny and I came inworld, just slave Gwendi was present. We went seeing her and started playing greedy. Angelique and slave Flo joined the game just when had started it. We took slave Flo and slave Gwendi to our decking and allowed slave Gwendi to warm up pony Bronco. Under slave Flo’s supervision she rode the pony until it was nicely lubricated. Then I ordered slave Gwendi to me and slave Flo was allowed riding Bronco and to get an orgasm.

slave Flo had to leave early that night and after she had left we took slave Gwendi to the 4 post rack at the Shangri-La. The 4 post rack is a very old toy of ours, a toy from our first years in SL. Yet it still works and does what it is supposed to – and it carries a lot of good memories.
We took slave Gwendi on this rack and fucked her hard with our strapon and we had fun!

November 17th: slave Gwendi and slave Flo riding pony Bronco (right) / Mistress Jenny and Diomita fucking slave Gwendi on the 4 post rack (middle) / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Gwendi

And what did not develop as planned? We had expected slave slut cecy and Ann – but that is only postponed. After we had our way with slave Gwendi we went to Mesermize Dungeon for half an hour to wind down and to watch others. And that’s it for this diary entry.

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