Diary 2019 (201) December 29th – The End of a short and new green light

Sunday, December 29th, I continued working and learning about our new Maurer’s Loft in the morning. I went on a simploring and when I returned in the afternoon Mistress was inworld. She had been busy with Dove (claireadelle), who she introduced to our ways. I took her to our new Maurer’s loft and we discussed the different types of Victorian houses available. To make a longer story short, we decided to stick with the type we had. It’s good to have our (not secret) hideaway back.
I made Mistress wear her DHB split straight jacket and took her to club Domme a Domme to expose her proudly. Nothing can beat this experience, this feeling of having my owner at my feet. And I will never give up this claim.

December 29th: Diomita and Mistress Jenny at club Domme a Domme

Time with Mistress flew by quickly and I had to tend to my RL. At night we had a full house with Angelique, slave Gwendi, slave Flo, Luci and Rubor (ruborion). I took them all to our house to chat for a bit – then my RL kicked in unexpectedly for almost an hour. Upon my return Mistress was inworld and I had quite something to read. We went to Mesmerize Dungeon and continues chatting and teasing the slaves there.

December 29th: Diomita, Mistress Jenny and Angelique with slave Gwendi, slave Flo and Luci at Mesmerize Dungeon

We stayed about an hour before we went back home for a greedy. Dove (claireadelle) showed up again. As Mistress Jenny had an early start the next day, I retreated with her quite early. I was still having a green light and I had to make the most of it. Hence I fixed Mistress on a rack in my annex and licked and fucked her (yes, both *winks*). Then I returned control back to Mistress Jenny.

December 29th: Diomita having her own way with Mistress Jenny

It was a short and different green light. Mistress Jenny wanted me to address her always with Mistress – even during green lights. I could convince her not to implement this rule obligatory but I felt obliged to try it. Hence I adressed her properly during this green light. It made a difference as the temporariness was present all the time and as I respected her position even while I was in control. Yet I have to admit, it worked better than I thought. Most probably this limit is erased now too. Thank you Mistress Jenny for granting the green light!

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