Diary 2020 (22) February 10th/11th My 12th rezzday in Second Life

Monday, February 10th, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon and we spent a nice time with slave Luci and slave Flo at Psi’s realm. When there’re some people then there’s always something to watch. This time someone was playing with the Immersion HUD of Silenced transforming a slave into an object, a toilet to be precisely. And of course that led to some main chat. Ann joined us at Psi’s realm for a bit.

February 10th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm with slave Luci, slave Flo and Ann

When it was time to return to our RL Mistress Jenny and I returned home and Mistress had a particular gift for me. She replaced my Ehesklavin collar with the partnering collar because of my upcomming rezzday the next day. And I was allowed to take another green light very soon after. It does feel very special for me to wear this collar. Thank you Mistress Jenny.

My night was nice and relaxed. Mistress Jenny was prevent from getting inworld. When I came inworld slave Luci, slave Flo and slave Gwendi were playing greedy. I let them finish, then I began to change the slave starting with slave Gwendi. To make it short an hour later slave Gwendi, slave Flo and slave Luci were wearing chastity belts and locked bras all from the same maker along with RR Elegance cuffs. I took a picture, then I went to Mesmerize Dungeon with the slaves for half an hour until it was time for slave Flo to go to bed.

February 10th: Diomita with slave Flo, slave Gwendi and slave Luci at home and at Mesmerize Dungeon / Diomita with slave Gwendi at home

I crowned that night by getting a nice licking from slave Gwendi, kind of a reward for her good behavior lately and kind of a reward for myself *winks*

Tuesday, February 11th, marked my 12th rezzday. Quite a long time, isn’t it? Mistress wrote a lovely and heartwarming comment to my rezzday blog post (read here if you like). I met Mistress Jenny and slave Flo in the afternoon for one hour and we chatted and went to Heavy Bondage Club where we really succeeded in initiating a little bit of main chat. And I enjoyed Mistress Jenny’s and slave Flo’s attention as well as wearing my partnering collar on this occasion.

February 11th – Diomita 12 years in Second Life: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and slave Flo at home and at Heavy Bondage Club / Diomita with slave Luci at Mesmerize Dungeon and at Puerto Esclava

Mistress Jenny wasn’t inworld at night due to her RL and I was running late myself. slave Flo, slave Gwendi and slave Luci were playing greedy but when I joined slave Gwendi had just logged out. I started the night with a round of greedy and took slave Flo and slave Luci to Mesmerize Dungeon afterwards. Unfortunately slave Flo crashed and didn’t return. And SL played some tricks to me as well – at least slave Luci and I didn’t crash and I took slave Gwendi to Puerto Esclava where I just read profiles and watched while chatting a bit with Luci. Overall, it was a quiet night (but enjoyable nonetheless)

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