Diary 2020 (117) August 16th/17th Starting into a green light week

Mistress Jenny and I had another quiet afternoon just being together and doing a bit of sim hopping. We first caught up with our mutual news at home. Then we visited Puerto Esclava, Mesmerize Dungeon and Heavy Bondage Club. We read profiles and talked about it, we simply enjoyed. Mistress granted a green light for me starting that very day later a night. I really looked forward to it and began immediately making plans *winks*

August 16th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home, at Puerto Esclava, Mesmerize Dungeon and Heavy Bondage Club

At night I met with Mistress Jenny and Ann at Heavy Bondage Club. We returned home when slave Flo came inworld. Angelique was cleaning the house. We made her stop and had a game of skipee first. Mistress Jenny and Angelique against slave Flo and me. slave Flo and I were really lucky with our cards and had several good runs. But in the end the game became a bit lengthy and Angelique had to go to bed. Hence she laid the cards for me to end it as Mistress and she were still far behind. slave Melissa had joined us and had watched us. We took her and slave Flo to Mesmerize Dungeon where slave Gwendi and later also Ebony joined us after she had finished cleaning the house, good Cinders.

August 16th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club / at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Flo, slave Gwendi and Ebony.

We retreated to the annex of our skybox when the slaves had went to bed. Time to start my green light! I had prepared some rules for Mistress, rules that will bring her back down to earth. She’s remains mine although I submitted to Mistress. I also got her a rope harness that will work with our Stockholm & Lima Shibari equipment. Laying out Mistress’ rules took almost half an hour and I got a nice long footkiss before we logged off … one of the new rules for Mistress during my green light.

August 16th: Diomita with Mistress Jenny at home

Monday, August 17th, was my first day in control since July, 1st. That I hadn’t had a green light for such a long time was due to my RL and because Mistress wasn’t willing to grant one.
When we met in the afternoon, I took Mistress Jenny to club Domme a Domme to catch up with our mutual news. It felt just great having her at my feet again and to expose her publicly as my property. Mistress followed her new rules quite well and it reminded of her saying that dommes make the best subs. We also talk about the consequences if she would fail the rules. Talking about that was fun, yet I really hope I don’t get any reason to punish my property. I prefer her being perfectly obedient. We went to Puerto Esclava next for half an hour before I took Mistress home to the annex of our skybox.

August 17th: Diomita with Mistress Jenny at club Domme a Domme and at Puerto Esclava

I had Mistress strip at home and tied her up in the harness that I got her the night before. Then I took her to the Shibari bondage frame. We struggled to get her harness working as planned but once it was working I had fun and licked Mistress to an orgasmus. And of course I took my part of the fun too *winks. That was a great start into this “green” week.

August 17th: Diomita with Mistress Jenny at home

After this full afternoon we had a relaxed night. We met Angelique at home and went to Mesmerize Dungeon with her. We chatted all night amoung us. slave Melissa joined us as well as Ann, slave Gwendi, slave Flo, Scarlett (mswhiplash) and a friend of Mistress, named Genesis. I teased Mistress with the new rules that I had set for her, she still struggles with them but she is already improving. slave Gwendi had an accident at Mesmerize Dungeon – poor girl. Mesmerize Dungeon was very full that night but honestly I didn’t look around that much as I was talking within the family. I was just enjoyable and fun.

August 17th: Diomita with Mistress Jenny at home / and at Mesmerize Dungeon with Angelique, Ann, slave Melissa, slave Gwendi, slave Flo, Scarlett (mswhiplash) and Genesis / at club DeLust

We returned home punctually at flotime and said good night to the slaves and went to club DeLust. Geez, it was more than full there! We stayed until the sim couldn’t manage the load anymore and we crashed. Quite a hint to call it a night. I enjoyed my first day back in control.

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