Diary 2020 (153) November 2nd/3rd Still under a red light

I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon again, Monday, November 2nd. We stayed at home first and caught up with our mutual news. Then Mistress allowed me to lick her and to get my fix. After she was satisfied, she took out an dildo and made me sit on it and entertain her. It is quite degrading to masturbate in front of Mistress but of course I did and I was thankful to be allowed to cum. Step by step Mistress is leading me deeper in my submission to her.

November 2nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home and at BDSM Lifstyle Swingers Club with Alessi

Alessi (Alessi20) was at our sim and we went down to see her when I had recovered. We took her with us to BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club where she decorated us while we talked and watched what was going on there. She stayed silent, something a good sub has also to learn. And she pleased us this way.
Later we moved on to Psi’s realm but didn’t stay there very long as it was time for us to tend to our RL again. We left Alessi at Psi’s.

At night we played a skipee with Angelique and slave Flo first. Alessi joined us and just watched. After the game, that Mistress and Angelique won, Angelique went off to be. We, Mistress Jenny, slave Flo, Alessi and I, went to Mesmerize Dungeon. When slave Melissa came inworld I summoned her to us and rezzed a dildo pillow. slave Melissa had to entertain not only us but the whole crowd at Mesmerize Dungeon. Of course I played with her restrictions again and further got familar with the hood and the settings, but I’m still not done with it completely.

November 2nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Flo, slave Melissa and Alessi

We stayed until flotime, then returned home and said good night to the slaves. Mistress and I went to BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club for half an hour before we returned home. Mistress Jenny fully restricted me, tied me up and leashed me at our skybox – ready for her use the next day.

November 2nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers Club and at home

In the afternoon of Tuesday, November 3rd, I returned online and lay in the middle of our skybox tied up an helpless for half an hour until Mistress appeared. She took barely notice of me and sat down in her throne. I moaned trying to get her attention but I all I got was a “shhhhhtt”. A few minutes later Mistress was ready with what she did and unleashed me and ordered me to crawl over to her. I kissed her boots porperly, we caught up with our mutual news and then Mistress removed her panties and invited me to lick her. What a start into the day!

November 3rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home, at Heavy Bondage club and at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers club

Mistress ordered me to change into something more dominant, then we went on a club tour and visited club Domme a Domme, Heavy Bondage Club and BDSM Liefstyle Swingers club. And I enjoyed just being with Mistress.

My night began with a game skipee with Angelique and slave Flo. Flo has still her serious RL worries and had the blues, hence Angelique and I wanted to distract her. We were just about to finish when Mistress Jenny and also Alessi came inworld and watched the last moves. Instead of heading of to a club we played a round of greedy and introduced Alessi to it. While we played also slave Melissa came inworld. Her vision is quite restricted but she managed to come from our house to the game table, good slave girl.

November 3rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at BDSM Lifestyle Swingers club with Angelique, slave Flo and slave Melissa and at Puerto Esclava / upper right shows Melissa vision

We went to BDSM Liefstyle Swingers club without Alessi, who had to leave, after the game and spent roughly an hour there. Once again I played with slave Melissa’s fetish hood. The manual of it is partly in Chinese and thus I have to do a bit of try and error. Well, I have a good guinea pig with slave Melissa.
We retruned home at flotime, said good night to the slaves and Mistress and I spent a short time at Puerto Esclava before we went to bed ourselves.

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