Diary 2021 (41) March 26th/27th – Claire’s Diary

Friday, Marh 26th, Mistress Jenny and I met Claire (Eroticlaire) at Carnal Intentions. We were both approached by Eroticlaire, who we had seen at Carnal Intentions before. Eroticlaire asked me to test her collar, a collar that is supposed to be very secure (at least as long you run RLV). I couldn’t resist to lock it – and it stayed locked.

I wrote about Claire and what happened to her in my last two diary posts (read here and here). I asked Claire to write about her two first days with us. Here is her view – in her words:

I went to Carnal Intentions to relax and talk to people as I saw Diomita and Jenny. I walked over to greet them and talk to them for a bit. The conversations turned towards different types of collars. They never saw my particular collar before so I let them kidnap me to show them how the scripts in it work. To my surprise, they had other plans. The moment Diomita found out I can’t get away, her friendly and nice attitude changed. She started calling me slave and bossing me around, telling me how my life will change. She had to leave shortly after but kept control of my collar. She told me she was throwing a party, and I had to be there if I wanted my collar unlocked. So I waited a bit at Carnal Intentions, before going to do some shopping for future toys I may want to get.

When it was time, I went to the party just to find Diomita and Jenny dancing. I moved closer to them, as they grab my leash. I danced and chatted with them for a bit. Up to this point, I kept thinking it was a joke. They just wanted a leash to hold while they were dancing. Boy was I wrong. When the party ended, it didn’t take long before they placed cuffs on me, keep me tied and helpless with a ball gag and a blindfold. I was dragged to another place, I don’t know where they took me, or how many people there were. I knew there were quite some from the chitchat in the background. I was tied from a hanging chain and forced to stand still as Diomita and Jenny went to bed.
At some time during the night while I stood in the middle of the room, it sounded like a party going on around me. I didn’t know who was around and couldn’t match any voices. Besides a few hands sliding against my body for a few seconds everybody left me alone. I was trying to figure out why Diomita and Jenny were taking this joke so far. Ok, they were trying to scare me but forcing me to sleep here like this? I started to get a little worried that maybe they weren’t joking. Just in case I started to think of ways on how I could escape.

March 27th: Miss Diomita and Miss Jenny in their bunker with me

The next morning Diomita came back to pick me up and dragged me back to her place. She dragged me by the leash to an underground bunker and tied me to a whipping post. The thought of this was a joke quickly disappeared as I could tell when Jenny joined that they were serious about breaking me, about claiming me as their slave. I felt scared and started to panic as I tried to escape, but it was too late. They were already in full control. As I tried to fight it and to talk my way out, I became rather familiar with Miss Diomita’s hand. She slapped me across the face until I learned how to address them property while learning few other basic rules. By the time I learned my lesson, it became hard to see as my eyes as were watery, my cheeks red, and each strike became harder than the last.
Diomita turned me around and forced me to present my back to them, then I had to answer a simple question: “What am I?” They wanted me to call myself a slave. I knew what they wanted but I refused. That quickly changed as my bare ass met Miss Diomita’s hand. The slaps came quick and hard and I quickly reached my limits. I broke… I gave in … I called myself Miss Diomita and Miss Jenny’s slave. I thought it was over but the worst was yet to come. Diomita asked me another question: “What is your darkest secret?” I started to panic and wanted to refuse an answer, but as Diomita’s hand returned to my bruised ass, it didn’t take long before my knees buckled and I revealed what it my darkest secret is. They released me shortly afterwards and tied me up against a wall with a ring gag and left.

March 27th: Me as Miss Diomita’s toilet

Later that day, Miss Diomita came down and untied me, grabbed my leash and dragged me to another part of the bunker. Before I knew what was happening she had me tied, under a toilet seat with a tube in from the toilet to my ring gag. I tried to beg her not to do it, but she didn’t care what I thought or tried to say. She just relieved herself. As her pee filled my mouth I was forced to drink it all if I wanted to breathe. When it finished she use a cloth to wipe herself clean, while I lay there trying not to get sick. She removed my ring gag and forced the piss soaked cloth inside of my mouth before covering it with a panel gag trapping the cloth inside. I spend half of the day with it inside me, getting used to my new owner’s taste. I knelt down between Miss Jenny and Miss Diomita as they played a card game with Flo.

March 27th: Miss Jenny, Miss Diomita and Flo at Carnal Intentions with me

Once they were finished they dragged me to Carnal Intentions again. A few of my friends were there. Diomita removed my gag and the cloth. They humiliated me as they showed everybody what I learned this morning. They made me tell everybody what I was.. and who I belong to. After all the humiliating comments of my friends we left and went back to Miss Diomita and Miss Jenny’s home. They tied me outside on the doorstep and gagged me again. And while I was forced to wait here, the reality began to sink in more and more. I am trapped, there is no way for me to escape as I have to endure whatever training they come up with. I fear if this will go on for much longer, I may break and fully give in…

March 27th: me at the porch of Miss Jenny and Miss Diomita’s house

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  1. Lady Nadja
    Apr 12, 2021 @ 10:06:32

    The taking of a new slave is always exquisite. I love Eroticlaire’s diary and its hint at unwilling compulsion. I have seen this so many times and yet it never ceases to stimulate me: that dawning of complete erotic subjugation in a slave’s eyes… that ultimate tribute to your beauty… and the knowledge that she can’t even begin to comprehend how much fun she’s going to provide you…


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