Diary 2021 (72) May 31st / June 1st – A particular skipee night

Monday, May 31st, Mistress was still busy with her RL during the day. And I had a quite busy day in RL too. I went inworld in the later afternoon and visited a gallery. After writing the report about it I went simhopping and I had a short roleplay before I had to log off for dinner.
My night started early again, and again I used my free time to roam a bit around on my own. While I was at HBV slave Elena came inworld. I picked her up at home and she was allowed to decorate me for half an hour (no picture, I forgot to take one) until Mistress Jenny came inworld.
I returned home with slave Elena, leashed her at the porch and went seeing Mistress Jenny. We caught up with our mutual news, mostly RL news and enjoyed the moments of togetherness. Then we went down to see Flo, slave Elena and slave Melissa, who had logged in in the meanwhile as well.

We went to Psi’s realm and spent our night there with the slaves. It was full, but a show was missing. After a while i made slave Elena being a chair for Mistress Jenny. The animated human chair is built in a way so that her feet stood exposed and ready for me to torture the soles a bit more. I added a rubber band on each foot. Really too bad that this little mean toy isn’t available in SL so far, a real market gap.

May 31st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with Flo, slave Elena and slave Melissa at Psi’s realm.

Later Faye (Boy Serenity) joined us shortly, but long enough for a picture. After Flo and Faye had left, I made slave Melissa my chair and Mistress Jenny and I looked like sitting in the front row, just the show was still missing. I played a bit with slave Melissa’s vision and we had fun.
Finally we got a show …. presented by Loes who was pushed inside of the room fixed on a fucking device. But it had become too late to further watch it sadly.

May 31st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with Flo, Faye, slave Elena and slave Melissa at Psi’s realm

I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon, Tuesday, June 1st, for an hour. We mainly caught up with our mutual news from RL and a bit from SL. Then we went to Heavy Bondage Club and continued talking there. We made lans for the night. As Flo was going into hospital RL and would to be away for a few days, we wanted her to have a relaxed night – playing skipee. We planed to have the slaves around us on bondage racks watching the game and take them to our special horse riding afterwards. As is happens regularly, things didn’t went down the way we planed ….

June 1st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home and at Heavy Bondage Club

At night Flo and slave Elena were present first and we started skipee with Flo as Angelique was not available first. I fixed slave Elena on a spanking horse, on of the horses we planed to use later for riding. I turned her feet to me so that I could tease her while playing cards – and I did. Angelique came by and watched our game and when we had ended it we decided to have another one as teams, Angelique and Flo against Mistress Jenny and me.
slave Holly came inworld and I had her crawl under the table to kiss Mistress Jenny’s and my feet. Then I installed a bondage frame and fixed her in it.
Our skipee was finished just when it was time for Flo to leave and Angelique had to leave as well. But Ebony showed up and that changed our plan. Ebony had begun to tease slave Elena, to tickle her in many ways. I took out 2 camping chairs for Mistress Jenny and me and we just watched the show. Ebony used a feather, a feather duster and even a toilet brush gag to tickle slave Elena everywhere but particularly her feet. Poor slave Elena might not walk for a very long time now. She was laughing hysterically, shaken from pain and the tickle torture and Ebony had fun – as we had watching. Mistress Jenny had also fun with slave Holly. She made her swallow a laxation pill … and the sounds slave Holly made were quite humilating – finally she couldn’t hold it and let it all out.

June 1st – a particular skipee night: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Flo, Angelique, slave Elena, slave Holly and Ebony

What a night! It was already after midnight when Ebony left and we took the slaves to their “rooms” and called it a night.

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