Diary 2021 (75) June 5th/6th – Jenny’s 13th collaring anniversary

Saturday, Jnue 5th, I was inworld in the early afternoon. slave Elena (Elenaslv Serenity) was at home. I hadn’t brouhgt her into her room the night before as I was still dancing and celebrating when she left for bed. But, although not being told, she waited at her room for me. I went to Puerto Esclava with her and another pet came by, offering me the opportunity for some nice pictures and giving cause to some teasing as well as getting some response from the other people there.

June 5th: Diomita with slave Elena at Puerto Esclava with another pet

When I came back in the later afternoon, I took slave Elena again to Puerto Esclava but then returned homw with her when slave Holly came inworld. I had a reason for returning home, I needed to pee. I took slave ELena and slave Holly to the naughty girls room and leashed slave pet Elena at the wall. THen I used slave Holly for peeing and for cleaning me aferwards. slave Elena got my soaked panties as a little consolation for having to watch instead of enjoying my champagne. Then I took the slaves to Carnal Intentions for a bit until I had to leave to tend to my RL again

June 5th: Diomita at home and at Carnal Intentions with slave Holly and slave Elena

At night I took slave Elena and slave Holly to Psi’s realm first. As there was not really anything going on, we moved on to Carnal Intentions, where Flo joined us for half an hour. She’s back after her short absence and we hope that she recovers quickly in her RL so that she can enjoy her SL. I ordered slave Holly to dance for us and the other guests and after some initial problems with the dancing table that worked out well.
Flo left and Jenny came inworld, returning from a few days of family visit…. and I had to leave due to RL for one hour. When I returned, slave Elena had left to bed and slave Holly was in her room already and left when I got inworld again. Jenny was at home though.

It was a special date for Jenny and me. Back in 2008, on June 5th, I collared Jenny. It was the start for a long journey together in Second Life that still continues, a journey that isn’t restricted to Second Life only. We succeeded to keep it exciting and varied and we look forward to what is on stock for us. Thank you for everything Jenny, my love.

June 5th: Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm and at Carnal Intentions with slave Holly, slave Elena and Flo / Jenny and Diomita celebrating Jenny’s 13th collaring anniversary

So when I returned inworld, Jenny and I just talked, then we went on the roof of our skybox for a dance before we logged out.

Sunday, June 6th, I had a lazy day in RL – and in SL. I logged in twice during the day and visited a few landmarks that I got for simploring and for art. It were just short pre-visits, nothing yet to write about. I had a short chat with slave Elena, I updated a piece of equipment – bit that’s all.
At night Jenny was supposed to come in early, yet her RL prevented that. When she came online we just caught up with our mutual news, then we went down to see Angelique, Flo and save Holly. slave Elena was busy with er SL business that night. After sayinghello, Angelique had to leave for bed and Jenny, Flo, Holly and I played a skipee. Now that Flo is back, we might do that again first thing at night. It was a close and long game and after it Flo went to bed as well, as she still had to recover RL. Jenny and I took slave Holly to Carnal Intentions where we met Faye (Boy Serenity).

June 6th: Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with slave Holly and Faye

We stayed about half an hour at Carnal Intentions, then we took slave Holly back home and I retreated with Jenny. I made Jenny wear her vixen cuff set and added a gag and an anal hook and took her to club Domme a Domme where I expose her for half an hour. It was my and our little celebration of Jenny’s 13th collaring anniversary. And I had her at my feet again – and no it doesn’t feel strange at all :-).

June 6th: Diomita with Jenny at club Domme a Domme

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