Diary 2021 (76) June 7th/8th A letter from Dr. Tight

Monday, June 7th, Jenny and I found a letter in our mailbox….

After care for Florence / Receipt from Dr. Tight

The patient need best aftercare to heal a difficult spine surgery.
At the same time we placed the latest version of the chip with all new bdsm features. We detected best skin reaction by using the strong Latex belts or leather bands. Please do not use any kind of metal as she she show very bad reactions by her circulation.

We suggest to keep her body in very tight encasement that don’t allow bending and much struggling. A KaS Corset dress might fulfil the need. Her complaints that it is too tight had been heard in clinic and need be stopped as well as her attempt to loosen the laces of the dress.
We recommend a kind of straight jacket and maybe some sort of hood to give her time to recover. Our results have been very good by keeping the recovering person in darkness and silence. Feel free to try your own therapy, there will be no harm to her spine.
A certain time kept in this treatment will make her spine healing well and her brain will calm and concentrate more for “what she’s born to“ – like the new features in bdsm Chip.

Florence need no chemical drugs, no painkillers anymore – but some mind stuff to activate her lost happiness due the harsh pain she suffered last few month. If her healing is going well you may decide to make her become a fashion model any time by wearing nice clothes (but the suggested care suit is already nice).

Please let me know about success within next 4 weeks. I certainly can give you more „help“ for a successful therapy.
Sincerely Dr. Tight

So this receipt conjured a smile in Jenny’s and my face!

I met with Jenny in the afternoon. Unfortunately her time was quite limited, hence I had to make the most of it. I had her stripped naked and tied up and made her spoil me. A few pictures tell more than words can do…

June 7th: Diomita taking advantage of her Eheslut Jenny

At night I found my Eheslut Jenny locked and leashed where I left her. After watching her for a while I released her and we caught up quickly – with me sitting in Jenny’s throne. I could get used to it!
We returned home and met with Flo. Jenny told her that we received a letter and that she made calls for a second opinion. Flo was shocked as she didn’t expect that we get contacted. We gave her time to let it sink in … playing a skipee with her. slave Holly came inworld and just watched us playing the last cards – and cleaned our boots under the table.

After the game I sent Flo to her hut where a nurse was waiting for her with some ehm … therapeutic clothes and gear. It fit like made for Flo!
We went to Carnal Intentions for the rest of the night and met Faye there. slave Holly had some … other problems and you could hear her digestion, how embarrassing. After Flo had left for bed, we followed soon after as we wanted to prevent slave Holly from making a mess at the club – she did that at home on our lawn.

June 7th: Diomita and Jenny at our loft, at home with Flo and slave Holly, and at Carnal Intentions with Flo, Faye, and slave Holly

Although our time online was comparably short, it had been a nicely varied time in SL.

Tuesday, June 8th, I was only short inworld in my late afternoon. I enjoyed some sun in my RL instead and Mistress was working in her garden as well. I just spent half an hour inworld and visited club Domme a Domme and club DeLust. None of the family was inworld and I logged off again after 30 minutes to tend to my RL.

At night Jenny was running late and I used the unexpected free time to visit Cica’s newest installation “Circus” (read here in this blog). I interrupted my tour, when Jenny came inworld. We caught up with our (almost only RL) news and went playing a round of skipee with Flo.

June 8th: Diomita and Jenny with Flo at home and at Lochme

We wented to visit a club after the game but they were either full or empty. Hence we took Flo to Lochme. It was quite crowded there but quiet. Hence we didn’t stay long and moved on to Carnal Intentions as soon as we could get in. There was more to watch and also some main chat was going on. Flo had to leave to bed though. She asked us if she couldn’t get into something less tight and I told her that we will ask Dr. Tight about it but I suspected to know the anser: “If Flo complains, just gag her. It’s for her best only”.
After Flo left slave Holly came inworld. I summoned her to us and soon after her also Faye joined us. We spent the rest of the night chatting and making plans with Faye and slave Holly at Carnal Intentions.

June 8th: Diomita and Jenny at Carnal Intentions with Flo, Faye and slave Holly

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