Diary 2021 (83) June 22nd/23rd Untitled

Tuesday, June 22nd, was another varied day in Second Life. I was inworld in the morning, actually to check La Maison d’Anele, but the last of the 6 artists featured hasn’t yet finished the installation and hence I returned home. I met a friend there and I also talked with Angelique, then I went off.
In the afternoon I had a quite intense hour with Mistress Jenny. First thin when we met was that she gagged and blindfolded me, then she took me to club Domme a Domme where we stayed until Mistress had to leave. We caught up with our mutual news and – quite obviously – I was fully focused on Mistress Jenny. Mistress had some private chats and in the end Mistress ungagged me and I was invited to a group chat. One subject of the conversation was I myself and of course it was not easy to remain silent and to make no remarks. Mistress told me later that she was proud of me *smiles*.
After Mistress had left to tend to her RL I went to Puerto Esclava and met my current roleplay partner there (by accident) and I stayed far longer than I had intended. In the meanwhile slave Holly had logged in and had finished cleaning the house. I made her stay in the corner and wait there for me. slave Holly’s obedience is impressive. When I finally came home, she had stayed 45 min in the corner – without any complaint, good slave girl. I had to reward her and I did. I blindfolded her, stripped and allowed her to lick me to a lovely orgasm. And as I could pee – I also used her as my toilet. I hope that I didn’t spoil her too much *winks*

June 22nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme / Diomita and slave Holly at home

Our night was comparably quiet and relaxed. First Mistress Jenny, Flo and I played a skipee. Angelique joined us when we were just done. We went to Carnal Intentions and stayed there. And after Flo and Angelique had went off to bed, Faye (Boy Serenity) came to us and decorated us well. We mostly chatted amoung us and Mistress and I did tease slave Holly. But mostly we had a really relaxed night.

June 22nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Angelique, Flo, slave Holly, and Faye

After Mistress Jenny and Flo had left too, I took slave Holly with me to Dark Butterfly for a few minutes before we went off as well.

June 22nd: Diomita at Dark Butterfly with slave Holly / slave Holly’s view when serving Diomita in the late afternoon

Wednesday, June 23rd, I was inworld in around lucnh time and made a quick round through the clubs. It happened that I had a nice conversation at club DeLust – and Faye showed up. We sat on the sofa there and then also Mistress Jenny came inworld unexpectedly. We caught up quickly with our new, then I had to leave.

In the afternoon I had one hour with Mistress Jenny. She took me to club Domme a Domme and exposed me there at the failed Domme sign. And then I had to pee. I was very grateful that I was allowed to go home, then I met Mistress Jenny again at Puerto Esclava. We had a nice hour together there.

June 23rd: Diomita and Faye at club DeLust / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at Puerto Esclava

My night was short as I came inworld late. Mistress Jenny was at Carnal Intentions with Angelique and slave Holly. Flo had already left for bed. Faye joined us there. My hour inworld flew just by.

June 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Angelique, slave Holly, and Faye

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