Diary 2021 (86) June 28th/29th Diomita and slave Holly / a family afternoon

When I came inworld Monday, June 28th, in the afternoon, Mistress Jenny was already online. She summoned me to club DeLust, where we caught up with our mutual news. We had an enoyable 3/4 hour together. Mistress Jenny was still in a strict and dominant mood and fitted my armbinden and held me on her leash, being clearly possessive. Nonetheless I dared to ask her for her allowance ot wear normal shoes again, in particular as she wouldn’t be around at night due to her RL. Luckily she granted it. Thank you Mistress Jenny.

June 28th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at club DeLust

At night I was alone at first and used the uenxpected “free” time for another gallery visit. Upon my return, slave Holly was inworld. Right on time, as I had to pee. What a start for slave Holly. I took her to Heavy Bondage Club. We stayed there for a while.

June 28th: Diomita and slave Holly at home and at Heavy Bondage Club

Then we moved on to club DeLust for a couple of minutes. slave Holly decorated me well and she deserved a treat – and so did I. Hence I took her back home and into our dungeon and made her lick me. She did well (no surprise) and I had a lovely orgasm. Good slave girl, Holly. And that was the right end for that night, I brought the slave back to her cell and went off to bed.

June 28th: Diomite and slave Holly at club deLust and at home

Tuesday, June 29th, Mistress Jenny and I had an extraordinairy time in the afternoon. We caught up with our news at our skybox at home, Flo was present and playing skipee with herself (she always wins *grins*). We went seeing her played a round – Mistress Jenny, Flo and I. And while we played Angelique came by, slave Holly came inworld and began cleaning Mistress Jenny’s boots and mine. Dely Ebony (krybia) joined us as well as Faye (Boy Serenity) and our step-daughter Ebony Massey. When we ended our game we had a full house!

It was hard to follow all IMs and main chat but it was great to have so many of our family friends coming together without any appointment. It means a lot to Mistress Jenny and me! Thank you all!
We talked of course about the European football championship, about Flo’s Swiss team and it’s victory the night before, and about the game between England and Germany later that afternoon….

June 29th at home – a spontaneous family and friends meeting: Mistress Jenny, Flo, Angelique, Faye, Ebony, Dely Ebony, slave Holly and Diomita

I had a relaxed night – after watching football. Flo was present and I took her to Psi’s realm where Elena joined us, then we went to Carnal Intentions. slave Holly came inworld and I summoned her to us. I fixed slave Holly at one of the suspension bars at the club and I permanently teased her a bit. slave Holly pleased me and she was lucky as right before betime, I could pee. This way my two nights with slave Holly ended just like the first night began – using slave Holly as my toilet.

June 29th: Diomita with Flo, Elena and slave Holly at Psi’s realm and Carnal Intentions

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