Diary 2021 (93) July 14th / 15th Two quiet days

Wednesday, July 14th, I went online in the morning and to my surprise met Mistress Jenny. She took me to Dommes in Distress and removed her skirt to get her pleasure and to provide my fix. Unfortunately my RL kicked in and – already aroused – I had to go afk. It took longer that I thought and upon my return Mistress had to leave *sighs*. We returned home and to my suprise Mistress unlocked my pumps and allowed me free choice of clothing. I still fail to predict Mistress Jenny’s decisions. Then Mistress and I logged off.

July 14th: Mistress Jenny being served by Ehesklavin Diomita at Dommes in Distress

I met Mistress again in the afternoon for 2 hours. Mistress allowed me to lick her first thing and she and I enjoyed it. And I got a double dose of my fix. Thank you, Mistress. That was a nice start into the afternoon. We spent the rest of our time together at club Domme a Domme and Puerto Esclava, nothing exciting happened though.
After Mistress had left to turn to her RL, I spend some more time at Puerto Esclava. Slave Holly came inworld and I visited her at Psi’s realm before I had to leave myself.

July 14th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home, at club Domme a Domme and at Puerto Esclava / Diomita and slave Holly at Psi’s realm

Mistress Jenny was not inworld at night. I played a skipee with Flo first. Then we went to Psi’s realm where slave Holly was still tied up. I had intended to stay there but nothing was going on at Psi’s realm that night and hence I released slave Holly from the chains and took her and Flo to Carnal Intentions. There we had at least some eye candy. Yet, also at Carnal it was abnormally quiet. After half an hour we returned home and played another skipee.

July 14th: Diomita with Flo and slave Holly at Carnal Intentions / Diomita and slave Holly at home

Flo went to bed after the game and I took slave Holly with me to the bathroom. I had an extended peeing session with her and allowed her to rub herself against my foot afterwards. I do spoil her *winks*.

I had a busy day on Thursday, July 15th. Nonetheless I could meet with Mistress Jenny in the later afternoon and we had time to catch up with our mutual news at Puerto Esclava.

July 15th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Puerto Esclava / Diomita at Carnal Intentions with slave Holly and Elena

My night was relaxed. slave Holly came inworld right in time as I had to pee. I took her to Carnal Intentions later where Elena (Elenaslv Serenity) joined us. We chatted mostly amoung us as not much was going on at the club. I returned home with slave Holly at midnight, roamed around another half hour and went off to bed.

Addendum: slave Holly sent me a few pictures of her at Psi’s realm, of her rubbing herself at my feet and of her doing her cleaning chores. I had left slave Holly with quite heavy vision restrictions to make her cleaning chores a bit harder. She had to find the spots to clean just from her memory – not that easy. But a slave’s life mustn’t be easy, as opposed to I had fun knowing that it was hard for her. Am I mean? well, sometimes a little bit *winks*

July 14th/15h: slave Holly at Psi’s realm / at home with Diomita / doing her cleaning chores

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