Diary 2021 (131) September 29th/39th Within our (large) family

Wednesday, September 29th, I had another relaxed afternoon with Mistress Jenny at Puerto Esclava, club Domme a Domme and Heavy Bondage Club. She spent 90 minutes together, first alone, then with slave Lily (Lily Bloodrose) at my leash. Faye come inworld when we were at Heavy Bondage Club and I couldn’t summon her to us as the club was full. Soon later we both had to log to tend ot our RL.

September 29th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Puerto Esclava, club Domme a Domme and at Heavy Bondage Club with slave Lily

We had a quiet and relaxed night within the family. Flo, Angelique and pet were present when we cam inworld. Mistress Jenny wanted to play a skipee but Angelique was absent. Faye Holly joined us and when we wanted to start a greedy Faye crashed. Finally we decided to go to Psi’s realm.

We stayed a while at Psi’s realm, then went on the Carnal Intentions. At both clubs it was comparably quiet and Mistress still hadn’t got her game. We returned home and as Angelique was still more or less absent, and slave Holly had just come inworld, Mistress and Flo played a skipee against slave Holly and me. pet watched. It was a really close game and close games are fun. After we finished pet and Flo went off to bet. Mistress and I wento to Carnal again with slave Faye and slave Holly. Not that there was more going on than before – but at least we had some shiny eye candy and fun teasing Faye and Holly.

September 29th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelique, Flo, pet, slave Faye and slave Holly at Psi’s realm and at Carnal Intentions

And that’s it about Wednesday.

Thursday, September 30th, I met Mistress Jenny in the morning. We hadn’t planned to meet and I had not much time. We spent half an hour at club Domme a Domme, a nice extra time for us.
Mistress and I met in the afternoon again and stayed at Puerto Esclava. We talked a lot about our family and upcoming events like Halloween and we outlined some plans. Faye came inworld and decorated us for 20 minutes, then it was time for us to tend to our RL again.

September 30th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at Puerto Esclava with Faye

Our night began with a greedy together with Flo, pet was watching at Mistress’ leash. We went to Mesmerize Dungeon first. We hadn’t been there for quite a while as it was mostly almost empty. That night there were a few more poeple but nothing going on. Somehow, with some people not going there anymore, it lost it’s attraction.
Hence we moved on to Carnal Intentions. It was not only full there, we also filled it well as our group grew. In the end Mistress and and I had our hands full. We chatted mostly amoung us. And of course we also teased.

September 30th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon and at Carnal Intentions with Angelique, Flo, pet, slave Faye, slave Holly and Elena

These two days were family days, hence the title.

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