Diary 2021 (141) October 19th/20th Mistress Jenny back home

Tuesday, October 19th, I went inworld again several times during the day. I roamed around, had two failed roleplays, then I decided to use my time for a simploring tour – and it was a nice one. I enjoyed exploring a new sim and immersed into another world. Just great.

In the afternoon I met with Mistress Jenny for about 15 minutes. Her connection was and she had to enjoy her vacation. Hence we just caught up with our mutal news, then Jenny went off again.

I returned inworld at night. Mistress Jenny, Sun and Flo were present and after we caught up with everybody’s news and had our hugs, Mistress, Flo and I played a round of Skipee, Flo won again *winks*. Sun and later also Alessi watched us.
We went to Psi’s realm where slave Holly joined us when she came inworld.
Our Flo had had some strange visions lately, seeing a black hooded woman following her or crossing the room where we were. It seemed that we had to find a therapy. The most simple therapy would be to simply restrict her view. And as Flo hadn’t yet have the RemVision experience, I bought one for her and I set it up with Flo that night. So her absent view with the red lenses in the picture of that night are due to the RemVision and the 1st slideshow she watched.

October 19th at Psi’s realm: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Flo, Sun, slave Holly and Alessi

Mistress Jenny had to leave to enjoy her last vacation day and I had my hands full at Psi’s realm. Sun had forgotten one of her rules and I made slave Holly spank her bare bottom to remind her. So that was also a bit of fun, I admit.
Otherwise we had a quiet and relaxed night.

Wednesday, October 20th, was another day I spent with quite some time inworld, often idling and doing other things in RL. I had a continuation of my blackmailing roleplay and as it looks now that will go on, slowly but steadily and developing. It will be fun – I hope.
Other than that I also spent time in RL, not pictures of the day.

At night pet Sun and Flo were present and I first dressed Sun who I had left naked and a bit tied up the night before, then we went seeing Flo, who was at the skipee table. Of course my night started relaxed with a skipee with Flo and Sun at my leash kneeling next to me. The skipee did take very long and we weren’t done yet when mistress came inworld being back from her vacation. Alessi had joined us and we all went to Carnal Intentions where we spent the rest of the night. Faye was there shortly. And after Faye Flo and Sun had left for bed, slave Holly joined us.

Ocotber 20th at Carnal Intentions: Mistress Jenny, Diomita Flo, Sun, Alessi, and slave Holly

We spent the night chatting and catching up.

Anything else? Yes, before we went to bed, Mistress allowed me to lick her and to get my fix. She makes sure that I stay addicted and that I fall deeper and deeper. And then Mistress Jenny unlocked my sub collar and locked the slave collar on me – taking me into a red light before our wedding anniversary. I hadn’t expected that, but Mistress does as she sees fit. Mistress Jenny is back.

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