Diary 2021 (147) October 30th/31st A SL family weekend

Saturday, October 30th, I went inworld in the early afternoon. I met our pet Sun shortly, then I went on a simploring tour. I was just finished with it, when Mistress Jenny came inworld just right on time and as we had agreed on the night before. She was removing the Halloween party decorations when I returned home. I took back what I had contributed to the decoration (tree), then we went to Puerto Esclava and caught up with our news there. Out pet Sun came inworld again soon after and we summoned her to us. We spent way over an hour at Puerto Esclava just chatting among us and talking about who we saw (and read in profiles) there. And after Sun had left Mistress and I went to Heavy Bondage Club for a few minutes and Mistress had me at her feet.

October 30th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Peurto Esclava with Maurer’s pet Sun and at Heavy Bondage Club

After Mistres had left to tend to her RL, I went visiting a gallery and then logged out myself.

At night Mistress Jenny, Flo and I played a skipee first. Sun watched and later also slave Holly watched us. Well Mistress and I we watched Flo playing cards, we were just … decoration *winks*.
After Flo had won, we had a family night at Carnal Intentions, Heavy Bondage Club, Psi’s realm and at our Stonehaven patio at home. slave Alessi joined us at Psi’s realm. We did nothing but chat amoung us and relaxed. Flo was in her own world watching the slideshow of Marine. After last night’s party, it was just the right, to chat and relax.

October 30th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions, Psi’s realm and at home with slave Holly, slave Alessi and Maurer’s pet Sun

Mistress Jenny left early as she was tired and I went with slave Holly, slave Alessi and pet to Carnal Intentions for a bit before I called it a night myself.

Sunday morning, Ocotober 31st, I went visiting 2 galleries and I had a productive day for the blog. When I came inworld, I found a snapshot from Holly. She took it while dusting. I think she’s for sure someone who has watched the slideshow a lot – and learned a lost about us watching it. The picture shows me visiting my Ehesklavin Jenny tied up in a shibari rope harness. I have a latex slave at my leash (that was Flo!) and my tied up Ehesklavin is in an Asian-style cage. As there is a date and a picture name “20150524 Dio with Ehesklavin at The Lovers” I think the picture was taken in the course of some special nights and session on the occasion of Jenny’s 7th collaring anniservary. And I found the according diary blogpost: Special celebrations weeks (May 22nd – June 5th) (2). It’s great to have it written down in our diary.
Anyway, where did we start … ah yes, slave Holly told me that the picture did excited her.

I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon at club Domme a Domme. We caught up with our news. Kitty had sent us her wish for the golden ticket – to be rescued from the space station where she’s stuck for several weeks now already. We will go on a rescue mission, well most probably Mistress Jenny will go on the rescue mission.
We also talked about Holly and the Asian-style cage. Mistress asked me if I had it in my inventory, but I hadn’t. When slave Holly came inworld, we went seeing her at home and Mistress proposed to look for the cage at Dee’s cageroom. We didn’t find it there, but then I remembered where I saw it – at Lochme. We went there, saw the cage and then went buying it at Dominatech. What was missing to create the scene in the picture is a rope harness. We got the Siren ropes from Marine Kelley instead.
I was curious myself how this scene would develop with slave Holly. When we had to leave to tend to our RL, we left slave Holly unbelted and without her cuffs, just leashed in the terrace cell, so that she could try out and adjust her new ropes.

October 31st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme / slave Holly’s snapshot of our slideshow

At night we played a skipee as teams with Flo and slave Holly, pet watched us and when we had finished, Alessi joined us. I tried to help slave Holly with her ropes and we had a lot of chat amoung us during the game. We went to Psi’s realm after the game and just continued chatting. And Mistress and I made plans for the upcoming days.

October 31st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm with Flo, slave Holly, Maurer’s pet Sun and slave Alessi

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