Diary 2022 (3) Jan 5th Our home “Mount Everest” remodeled

Wednesday, Januay 5th, I was lazy in RL and busy in my SL. I was online earlier in the morning and the whole afternoon. I moved furniture from our old house into the new house, I tried to find the right spots to place them and to leave behind gear and furniture that we don’t use that often. slave Alessi accompanied me throughout the day. She was very patient with busy me and was present when I needed her to adjust poses and heights. Thank you, Alessi.

So what is new? The house is new. It is called “The Greek House”. It is way larger than the old house, yet has only one large room that opens up to a large swimmingpool. I refrained from building a seperate bathroom in order not to destroy the spacious atmosphere of the house. So the bathroom equipment is in the open space – but we live in an adult sim, so who cares?
It is a very modern stylish house with large window towards the pool area. It has a roof terrace that we can use for play, for sunbathing or to socialize. And it is a change after all years, that we enjoyed our house and sim, it’s something fresh to start a new year.

January 5th: Mount Everest remodeled around our new house

I also brought together all the art that i collected or that I got as presents from several artists for blogging about them. We have an “Art Park” now. It is located between the house and the decking. What is still missing is a second entrance to the underground dungeon and to the Fetish Club Chez Maurer. I will work on that some time soon.

In the afternoon Mistress Jenny came inworld and helped me with taking decisions. She’s very good at that and more consequent than I am – well, she’s my Mistress wife after all *winks*. Thank you Mistress Jenny. After Mistress hat left, slave Holly came inworld and while I finished remodeling the garden and plants, she could get familiar with her new homeplace. I left her tied up at the pool when I had to leave for dinner.

January 5th – Mount Everest remodeled: Different views on the new house / Diomita with slave Alessi and slave Holly

Anything I forgot to tell? Yes. Flo heard about our plans. She has a very good connection to her banker. With his support we could start building right away. The upside is, that as interests are still negative where Flo lives, the debt will pay off itself with the years. Thank you, Flo!

When I returned at night Flo was present and i showed her what I did during the day. Mistress Jenny, slave Holly and Alessi came inworld. Mistress first cuddled with Flo and me in front ot the old fireplace that I saved from the old house when I tore it down. Afterwards Mistress inspected my work, made little improvements here and there in the garden, rezzed the old tree trunk (lovely) with the reading pose and a well with some romantic poses.

January 5th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Flo in our new house in front of the fireplace / slave Holly tied up by the pool / Mistress Jenny and Diomita in the well

The five of us played a skipee next (Flo won). Then we visited Carnal Intentions. While we were there, Mistress began to restrict slave Holly …. she can only teleport when Mistress or I send her a request, and her IM ability is now restricted to just a few in the family. Mistress shortened her leash – welcome to 2022, slave Holly, Happy New Year.
For me it was relaxing just to chat within the family and to tease slave Alessi, slave Holly and Flo after the busy building day.

January 5th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi

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