Diary 2022 (7) January 12th/13th First sun terrace orgasms

Mistress Jenny and I had an hour together inworld in the afternoon of Wednesday, January 12th. We met at our skybox and went to club DeLust to catch up with our mutual news. Just being with Mistress was very enjoyable. Mistress said that she liked my dress and to please her I asked to be leashed. We went to Heavy Bondage Club where Mistress fulfilled my request. We continued sim hopping and spent some time at Puerto Esclava, then moved on to club Domme Domme. There Mistress was fed up with standing around and chose to sit down in one of the chairs and she had her footstool with her (me). In particular the pose in which I layed onmy back bending my belly upwards to support Mistress’ feet offered a very submissive persepctive. Our hour went by way to quickly again.

January 12th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita simhopping – club DeLust, Heavy Bondage Club, Puerto Esclava and club Domme a Domme

We had a relaxed night within the family. It started with a skipee together with Flo and as Angelique joined us we played another round as teams (Angelique and Flo won it against Mistress and me). While we played slave Alessi, slave Melissa and slave Holly joined us inworld. We were quite many that night!
We went to our new sun terrace and I tied up Alessi and Melissa at the chain there first, then we sat down and talked. We wanted an eye candy and Angelique talked about a bondage rack with a vibrator that I used once with her. I found it and rezzed it. Angelique was unwilling to get on it, yet slave Alessi “volunteered” *grins. Alessi got a privilege, she had the first two orgasms ever at our sun terrace. We have a new applicant, Sara (sarahJadie) who had been around at our island a few times and had asked to get closer. Mistress provided a nosering for her and we granted her to get closer. She’s quite young …. and not that experienced but – according to herself – willing. So far we can confirm that. Sara joined us as well.

January 12th at our sun terrace: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelique, Flo, slave Holly, slave Melissa, slave Alessi, Sara (SarahJadie)

So after all we had a realxed night with teasing and chatting.

Thursday, January 13th, I was inworld earlierin the afternoon and added our script to Sara (sarahJadie) cuffs, then I met with Mistress Jenny. We went to Puerto Esclava and club DeLust, we talked, read profiles and looked at outfits. I had been a not so good girl the day before and had tired to provoke Mistress by not adressing her properly and now I felt bad about it. Mistress punished me in her particular subtle way – in the end I just hurt myself with it. Good job, Diomita *sighs*. And it feels way better to address her appropriately. Anyway, we enjoyed our time together.

January 13th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Puerto Esclava and club DeLust

We had again a quiet night. First we played a skipee with Flo, then, after slave Holly had come inworld, we played another round as teams. Mistress Jenny and slave Holly won it against Flo and me. Angelique came by just when we had finished playing. We went to Carnal Intentions and stayed there a while.

January 13th: Mistress Jenny, and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo, Angelique and slave Holly

After Flo had left to bed, slave Sara came inworld and I summoned her to us. Mistress and I cheked Sara’s cuffs and that we both have access.
As slave Holly won’t be inworld for the weekend, Mistress asked me to restrict her tightly before we went off. I did. slave holly sent me a snapshot of her view – she couldn’t chat anymore of course.

January 13th: Mistress Jenny, and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with slave Holly and slave Sara / slave Holly in her room at home

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