Diary 2022 (13) January 24th/25th Mistress Jenny’s surprise

Monday, January 24th, I had close to 2 hours with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. When I came inworld Mistress Jenny was at Puerto Esclava and summoned me there. slave Lily (Lily Bloodrose) was kneeling at her side. I caught up with Mistress Jenny and I told her about my meeting with Mistress Mercy the night before. Lara (morphy617 dollinger) approached me desperately desiring to get closer but unable to fulfill even easy orders. I sent her away after a while and teased and tied up Lily a bit instead, who was decorating Mistress and me very well. Mistress and I just had fun and chatted a lot among us and with others until we both had to return into our RL.

January 24th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Puerto Esclava with slave Lily (Lily Bloodrose)

Mistress and I met early that night. Mistress will be travelling the next days and might not be inworld regularly. And she had in mind that my addiction level didn’t decrease too much. Hence I had to lick her and get her sweet poison satisfying her desires and pleasing her. Thank you, Mistress Jenny!

January 24th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home and at club DeLust

To our surprise Flo didn’t show up and we went to club DeLust for a while. When slave Holly came inworld, Mistress Jenny ordered me to wait in the club, she said she had a shocking suprise for slave Holly and me and would be back soon. After she had returned to the club we went home. I noticed immediately that slave Holly must be in Mistress’ private rooms. Mistress and I went there. slave Holly was in the cage up there and Mistress took me off Holly’s nosering, taking away my control over her, she cut off IM between Holly and me,
then she said to Holly “How do you like your new home?”.
Diomita: Mistress Jenny took full control of you, slave .. she removed me of your nosering
slave Holly nods slowly
Mistress Jenny: can you IM Mistress Diomita Holly?
slave Holly shakes her head
Mistress Jenny: you can hear her in local chat?
slave Holly me nods
Mistress Jenny: so as you can see I can take what is mine
slave Holly nods slowly
Diomita gulps
Mistress Jenny: do you understand Holly?
slave Holly nods twice
Mistress Jenny: I can keep you here all week until I return, claiming what is mine
It took a while for me to understand what was going on. Mistress Jenny opened the cage, then she ordered me to kneel next to her. I hesitated and she slapped me hard – “quicker next time, Diomita!”. Then she left and summoned slave Holly and me to Carnal Intentions. She leased her properties at a floor hook and made herself comfortable in a chair watching slave Holly and me. What a demonstration of control and power!

January 24th: Mistress Jenny with Diomita and slave Holly at home and at Carnal Intentions

I don’t know how long we stayed like thist, maybe not too long, but long enough that Mistress’ intentions could sink in. We returned home and played a skipee, slave Holly won it. slave Sara (SarahJadie) showed up and watched us for a while. After the game Mistress went off to bed as she would have an early start the next day. I returned to slave Holly and slave Sara and taught slave Sara how to properly adress and thank me. We will see if that helps *winks*. Then I stored slave Sara and called it a night myself.

I had a quiet day Tuesday, January 25th. I was inworld in the later morning had had a short play with Miss Dely (krybia) – no pictures in here *winks*. In the afternoon I wrote a bit for the blog and later I met with slave Holly. I took her to Puerto Esclava and teased her a bit, then we returned home as I had to pee and I requested the according service. I left again so that slave Holly could clean the house and I could further tend to writing.

January 25th: Diomita with slave Holly at Puerto Esclavva and at home

At night I played a skipee with Flo as Holly was running late. What a nice surprise and bonus, Mistress showed up and Angelique too. Flo and I stopped playing so that we could play as teams. slave Flo and I won it this time and way too easily.
While we played slave Holly and slave Melissa came inworld. I had left slave Holly quite vision restricted in the afternoon and she had troubles finding the way from her room to the games tables, but she made it. slave Holly is quite good in the meanwhile finding orientation even when strictly vision restricted. She sent me a few pictures of her cleaning before.

January 25th: slave Holly cleaning the house / Mistress Jenny and Diomita playing skipee with Flo and Angelique / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with Flo, slave Holly and slave Melissa

After the game Angelique went off to bed and Mistress Jenny and I took Flo, slave Holly and slave Melissa to Carnal Intentions for the rest of the night. We chatted mostly among us and had fun. After Flo left, slave Sara (SarahJadie) came inworld and I picked her up at home. It was a nice bonus having Mistress Jenny with us and I enjoyed that we could catch up with our news as well.
After Mistress had left for bed I spent a few minutes with the slaves at our sun terrace, then I went to bed myself.

January 25th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with slave Holly, slave Melissa and slave Sara / Diomita at home with slave Holly, slave Melissa and slave Sara

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