Diary 2022 (20a) A day in the life of slave Holly (Tuesday 8th February 2022)

Every day with my Mistresses is different, Mistress Jenny suggested I write something for Mistresses’ Blog from a slave’s perspective.
I start my day as I do now in my cell, a cell perhaps – my home. It is time to think or as I do today time to write. I complete my weekly tasks for Mistress Diomita and when my cell unlocks, I stumble to the headquarters with my restricted vision to complete my cleaning chores. My vision isn’t so restricted as to make cleaning difficult, but I stumble around the house a little. My restricted vision makes the routine a ritual I think of my Mistresses as I clean. I always enjoy cleaning the slideshow in the headquarters it gives me an insight in Mistresses’ history and sometimes gives Mistresses an insight into my mind. Sometimes it is much more difficult, but it reminds me of my Mistresses.

February 8th: slave Holly dusting the slideshow

I’m joined by sis Alessi and we clean the together before I find my way back to my cell to log out and return to RL. I return to SL in the early evening, sometimes I’m lucky enough to see Mistress Jenny or Mistress Diomita on-line. Today I see there is a visitor to the sim – I whisper a hello but the do not notice me. I wait my cell to unlock – contemplating the evening and next few days ahead – I complete task of my own before again checking on the headquarters and completing my chores – Sisyphus.

When I return in the evening Mistress Jenny and Mistress Diomita are on-line and are playing Skipee with sis Flo and sis Alessi. I find my way to them and kneel between Mistress Jenny and Mistress Diomita watching the game play out. Mistress Jenny and Alessi win easily! I bow down to great each Mistress in turn, kissing Mistress’ heels and then offering Mistress Jenny my leash.
Flo departs for the evening and Mistresses decide to take us to Psi’s realm. It is now that my mind starts to race a little as Mistress Diomita adds my restraints and Mistresses decide on my fate for the evening. Mistress Diomita has all the control as she decides to chain me. For a little while I follow Mistress Diomita as she moves around the room – teasing the range of my vision a little – I have no choice but to follow her with my gaze.

Mistress chains Alessi next to me and we spend out time chatting about our day a little. Mistress Jenny and Mistress Diomita changing places occasionally to each take turns at spanking our butts to ensure we remain attentive. I think it is the first time Alessi has had this pleasure. I enjoy that Mistresses make their mark – in time it will fade to be and be a blank canvas again ready to be reminded of my place.

Fabruary 8th: slave Holly with Mistresses and slave Alessi

I don’t know how busy Psi’s is – how many people are watching us decorating Mistress Jenny and Mistress Diomita (I realise afterwards that I could have looked as names and people are not blocked but I don’t even thing to look.) my focus is on them.

I talk a little in IM with Mistress Jenny about upcoming anniversaries (no spoilers Mistress Diomita) and we have a quiet night chatting until it is time for Mistresses to retire.

Now my mind races again as Mistress Diomita takes me to another part of the room – does Mistress have other plans for me tonight??? I wait nervously for a moment before we teleport home.

February 8th: slave Holly and Mistress Diomita

Another day will bring another experience… more from slave Holly sometime soon x x x

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