Diary 2022 (32a) March 3rd – Holly’s Treat

Our slave Holly wrote a post about the treat, that she got on Thursday, March 3rd. The following text was written by slave Holly, the pictures were taken by her – it is completely her perception of that night and it provides an insight of her world in Second Life. Thank you slave Holly!

Thursday 3rd March -Holly’s Treat

When I came in-world after RL work Mistress Jenny was, unusually, online. We chatted a little in IM about Mistress’ day – Mistress announced that she had a ‘treat planned for me later’. My mind started to race immediately as Mistress left and returned to tend to her RL. I didn’t know that the evening would eventually bring everything that all the routine, ritual & adoration that I have for my Mistresses and remind me of my total submission to them.

When I logged into my cell Mistresses unlocked it and I made my way to the Skipee table where Mistresses were playing a game with sis Flo. After they finished, I greeted Mistresses as I always do, kissing and worshiping Mistress Jenny and then Mistress Diomita’s boots. I offered my leash to Mistrezss Jenny before we settled down to a close game of Skipee. Ann joined us for a moment and when the game ended it was time for sis Flo to retire for the night.

Mistress Jenny handed my leash over to Mistress Diomita and we made our way to the sun terrace. Mistress Diomita restricted my vision and added a ring-gag and tightened my arm-binders (Mistresses’ theme for the month). I could just see the tips of Mistress Jenny’s boots and she took a seat to supervise Mistress Diomita.

Mistress Diomita removed her thong and I leaned forward to give Mistress Diomita her treat, gently licking her sweetness, already a treat for this slave. I could feel Mistress Diomita’s body shaking as she looked over to Mistress Jenny and asked for permission to cum. Mistress Diomita had multiple orgasms – her sweetness flowing over my tongue.

It was now time for my reward, Mistress Diomita tightened my blindfold even further and took me to her toilet cubicle and released my arms. I tilted my head back to receive the first mouthful of Mistress Diomita’s sweet poison, the drug that keeps me craving my submission, my love and adoration of my Mistresses. The first mouthful of Mistress Diomita’s poison mixing with the sweet wetness still on my tongue and lips. I couldn’t see Mistress Jenny but I know she looked on approvingly – something I rarely experience when getting Mistress Diomita’s reward.

My evening wasn’t yet over…. Mistresses retired the dungeon where I took my place on the dance pole and danced for Mistress Jenny and Mistress Diomita as they watched from close by, yet out of sight. ‘Dancing in the Dark’.

Mistress Jenny asked if I had tried to guess what my reward was to be – I would have guessed wrong – I had imagined some new restriction or a visit to a new sim. Sometimes the fun is also in the anticipation and the imagination and what may be.

Mistress Diomita had me confirm my place as Mistresses’ “slave slut – loving and worshipping, Mistresses” before I kisses Mistress Jenny’s and then Mistress Diomita’s feet goodnight.

Mistresses returned me to my cell, before my final act of submission – I needed to pee SL and asked I should asked permission of Mistress Diomita, feeling my submission deepen again as Mistresses stood by watching. I returned to my cell, the doors locked and I gazed through the bars at my loving Mistresses, my owners. My love, always and forever Mistress Jenny and Mistress Diomita.

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