Diary 2022 (55) April 18th/19th After Easter

Easter Monday, April 18th, I had some time at Mistress Jenny’s feet in the afternoon. We visited Lochme, Lock Without Asking, and Puerto Esclava. We chatted, read profiles and had some main chat to follow. Times like this add to my still growing submission to Mistress Jenny. Mistress made me wear the Ehesklavin tag and consequently I had to wear ballet boots. She kept my at her feet whenever we are alone to build up the right mood for my upcoming 9th collaring anniversary.

April 18th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin at Lochme, Lock Without Asking, and Puerto Esclava

At night Mistress Jenny and I were alone first and again I had some time at Mistress feet, this time at club Domme a Domme. Wehn slave Holly and slave Alessi came inworld we returned home. It seemed that the long weekend made us lazy .. we spent the whole night playing two rounds of skipee as teams. Mistress Jenny and slave Alessi on it against slave Holly and me .. twice quite close.

With my upcoming collaring anniversary Mistress Jenny was further making sure that my submission to her would reach another peak until then. When we met Tuesday, April 19th, in the afternoon she had me at her feet visiting Mesmerize Dungeon, Puerto Esclava and Carnal Intentions. We caught up with our news and once again I simply enjoyed the time close to Mistress. Just when slave Luci (Luci Glendale) joined us at Carnal Intentions I had brought up the subject of our slave Holly’s 10th rezzday and first collaring anniversary on April 30th. We discussed what we could prepare for her and Mistress proposed that we could make her room at home even more her place. We returned home and had a look. Mistress wants a fence so that slave Holly has her own little plot. That meant the the flgpole had to be moved. Mistress Jenny went on the roof of our house and wanted it moved there. And as Ebony joined us, we had someone to test it for us. Moving the pole was more diffcult than I thought as it kept it’s coordinates. First Ebony was going with the frame sidewards instead of upwards. I had to take it back into my inventory and rezz it again at the new position. Finally it worked and Ebony could enjoy the view over our homeplace.
That all took some time and we had to leave and to tend to our RL again.

April 19th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon, at Puerto Esclava and at Carnal Intentions with slave Luci / Ebony testing the newly placed flagpole

At night Mistress Jenny and I first had a skipee with Flo and Luci. slave Lily came by and we all went to our Stonehaven patio for a little bondage shooting. And when slave Holly came inworld, she completed the scene.

April 19th – short bondage night: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home with Flo, slave Luci, slave Lily and slave Holly

April 19th – short bondage night: Mistress Jenny at home in front of Flo, slave Luci, Diomita, slave Lily and slave Holly

After the shooting we had another game …. with 3 teams: Mistress and slave Luci, slave Lily and slave Holly, Flo and me. slave Z (Zado Ninetals) also came inworld – too late for the bondage scene though. She had to watch the skipee kneeling at my feet instead.

April 19th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Flo, slave Holly, slave Lily, slave Luci and slave Z playing skipee / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Carnal Intentions with slave Holly

After the game, Flo, slave Z, slave Luci and slave Lily left for bed. Mistress Jenny and I took slave Holly with us to Carnal Intentions and chatted a bit with her while watching the scenery and enjoying the atmosphere of the club. Then it was time for our bed as well.

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