Diary 2022 (64) May 8th/9th When Mistress Jenny is away (3)

Sunday, May 8th, I was inworld in the afternoon and visited La Maison d’Aneli where a new exhibition was scheduled to open on May 11th (read my report here). While I visited slave Holly came inworld and we caught up with our mutual news first in IM and later in person.
When I returned at night Flo and slave Holly were already inworld and we played a round of skipee. And when slave Alessi joined us we played another round as teams. Mistress Jenny showed up. She was on a slow and unstable connection and didn’t join the play. I had the opportunity to catch up with Mistress while playing. That was a bonus. Mistress left when we had finished our game – and Ebony joined us. It was already late and I was tired. Hence I took slave Holly, slave Alessi and Ebony with me to our decking and we continued chatting until midnight, then I retreated to get some sleep.

May 8th – a night at home: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Flo, Ebony, slave Holly and slave Alessi

Monday, May 9th, I visited another gallery in the later afternoon. At night I was alone first and used the time to change and to visit Puerto Esclava. I returned home when slave Holly and slave Alessi came inworld. We played a skipee first. Then I took the slaves to Carnal Intentions. I blindfolded and gagged them, locked their cuffs, restricted their views and forced them to look at me and leashed them to each other.

May 9th: Diomita at Carnal Intentions with slave Holly and slave Alessi

I didn’t have much time to enjoy my work as Mistress Jenny dropped in from her vacation. She summoned us to the sun terrace at home. And slave Z (Zado Ninetails) also came inworld. As I had leashed her at the sun terrace, she was at the right spot.
Mistress reported about her trip. She’s very happy so far and enjoying her vacation. I had an intense IM with Mistress though. The day before I had been inattentive and didn’t address Mistress properly in IM. Mistress had decided to punish me and had ordered that I should wear a full set of cuffs and should ask Mistress Mercy to lock them. Mistress herself would unlock the cuffs when she sees me again. I didn’t meet Mistress Mercy though the night before. Mistress then decided that anyone outside of the family may lock my cuffs – just not myself. She expects to see me locked in cuffs when she drops in again. I tried to argue, I apologized – to no avail. And Mistress also defined the punishment for me if I fail. She’s thousands of miles away and in full control *sighs*

May 9th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home with slave Z, slave Holly and slave Alessi

It was already bedtime when Mistress Jenny left. I unleashed slave Alessi and unlocked her and I lifted slave Holly’s restrictions a bit. And that’s it about these 2 days.

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