Diary 2022 (82) June 13th/14th The list assignment

Monday, June 13th, Mistress and I met in the afteroon and we went to club Domme a domme to catch up. slave Luci joined us there and Mistress allowed me to stand after a while. We just talked and watched what was going on for almost an hour. Then both of us had to leave and to tend to RL again.

June 13th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme with slave Luci

At night we met at our loft skybox. Mistress Asked me if I wanted my fix and of course I did not reject her offer, I never do! Instead I enjoyed to lick Mistress to an orgasm and to get my fix, although it always has the effect that Mistress Jenny desires … thank you Mistress.
Mistress took me shopping and bought a hobble skirt for me at NGW, a skirt that fits to a corset that I have already.
I had seen a place for kinkploring in a profile when we were at club Domme a Domme in the afternoon: Humiliation Island and we went exploring it next. The place is huge and has quite some different sims and levels to discover. Mistress Jenny remembered after a while that Kitty had shown it to her before. For me it was the first visit. Nonetheless, not a place to visit often, it is just a huge brothel and sex place.

We went home where it was becoming full. Flo, slave Alessi, slave Luci and slave Holly were present. We played skipee with 3 pairs. At the end of our game, Flo and slave Luci went off to bed. Mistress Jenny and I took slave Alessi and slave Holly to club DeLust. It was full there and we had a lot to look at. It was qutie entertaining and time flew by again.

June 13th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at home / kinkploring at Humiliation Island / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club DeLust with slave Alessi and slave Holly

Tuesday, June 14th, Mistress and I had a quiet hour together in the afternoon. Mistress Took me to Puerto Esclava, where we caught up with our news. Mistress had also a chat with a baby girl, who approached her and complimented her for her slave (me). She said she was looking for someone like me and Mistress wished her good luck. We also visited club Domme a Domme where I decorated Mistress while she was scanning the room and reading profiles. I asked Mistress about the clothes assignment and she asked to get a prepared list. I made the list after Mistress had logged off to tend to her RL – then I logged off myself.

June 14th: Mistres Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Puerto Esclava and at club Domme a Domme

We played two rounds of skipee with Flo at night. I handed the list with the porposed outfits to Mistress Jenny. She said that she will cut the list by half. But she didn’t say what’s in her mind with the list, just that I’m not allowed to get any of the clothes I proposed. I could literally sense how much she enjoys her position and control – and I can do nothing against it. as opposed to I’m happy that Mistress is enjoying.
We went to Psi’s realm with Flo after the game and were just about to leave when slave Holly came inworld. We moved to club DeLust next. when Flo went off to bed, it didn’t take long then Alessi joined is. We had a nice night at the club watching a floor show .. and I pleayed a bit with the slave’s restrictions.

June 14th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm and at club DeLust with Flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi

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