Diary 2022 (121) September 4th/5th Within the family

Sunday, September 4th, I was inworld several times just for a short while. I could talk with Kitty in the morning, she is doing well. And I met Angelique in the afternoon for a few minutes. That day my post about the changes in our blog was published and I made the changes, that I announced in this post in the afternoon.
Nothing else to report about my acitivities duirng the day.
My night started with a skipee with Angelique, then two rounds with a skippe with Angelique and Flo. slave Alessi came by while we were still playing and after we had finished, slave Holly came inworld. we went to Carnal Intenions and filled the room I had again quite some leashes to hole …. and had even Angelique leashed and cuffed, which was a highlight of the night for me. After Flo had left we moved on to club DeLust for a bit. I had a chatty night, enjoyable. My family here in SL means a lot to me.

September 4th: Diomita at Carnal Intentions and at club DeLust with Angelique, Flo, slave Holly and slave Alessi

Monday, September 5th, was one of my more worse days. I was in-world several times during the day and it felt empty. In the afternoon slave Mercy showed up and educating her, controlling her and forming her did distract me. At club DeLust I had a bad griefing attack that prevented me from taling and kept me steadily busy closing popping up dialogues with friendsship offers and teleport offers and even blocking did not help. Also a relog did not help. Weired! After I moved to my hideaway with slave Mercy it was gone.
slave Lily also showed up when I was at club Domme a Domme with slave Mercy (Steelyeye Blinker) but I for got to take a picture.

September 5th: Diomita with slave Mercy / Diomita at club DeLust with Aneglique and slave Lily

At night Sarah Fhang, Angelique and slave Lily (Lily Bloodrose) were at home and we played a skipee as teams: Maurer’s (Angelique and I) against French (Sarah and slave Lily). Maurer’s won it. As Sarah went off to be after the game I took Angelique and slave Lily with me to club DeLust. When slave Holly came inworld, I summoned her to us.
It became another chatty night, relaxed for me and a good compensation for the emptiness I felt during the day.

September 5th: Diomita at club DeLust with Aneglique, slave Lily and slave Holly

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